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How to send an eGift card in a few easy steps via Evite

Giving a gift is a wonderful way to celebrate someone, whether it’s for a major occasion like their birthday, a gift-giving time like the holidays or just because you want to make their day a little brighter! eGift cards are a wonderful way to easily send someone a thoughtful gift in only a few steps, right from your phone or computer, especially when you send one via Evite!

Evite offers dozens of eGift cards to top retailers like Target, Sephora, Starbucks, GameStop and Amazon. And we make them more convenient and WAY more fun to send and receive. You can include an eGift card with our eCards (BTW—the eCard is free when you purchase it with an eGift card from us) and your recipient can redeem it easily through Evite. Here’s everything you need to know about sending (and receiving) eGift cards!

Sending an eCard with an attached eGift card is seamless with Evite. Here's how to customize your eCard by adding an eGift card to it:

  1. Choose an eCard.
  2. Customize your eCard with an envelope, liner, stamp, background and stickers.
  3. Choose the eGift card you want to send. 
  4. Select an amount for your eGift card.
  5. Add your recipient(s).*
  6. Customize your eCard message(s).
  7. Review your eCard and make changes (if needed).
  8. Choose when you want your eCard to be delivered (you can send it instantly or schedule for a later delivery date).
  9. Complete your purchase!

That’s it! Evite will deliver your eGift card and eCard on the date you choose via the delivery method selected. We’ll also send you an email to let you know when it’s delivered, and you can check your “My events” page on Evite to see when it’s been opened! Easy, right?

*Evite offers multiple features on this step to make gifting even simpler. You can send your eGift via email or text, and add a new recipient, import recipients, or use a past guest list if you’re sending a gift to the people you’ve partied with before. You can also send the same eCard and eGift card to multiple people in one transaction! The eCard and eGift card will be the same for everyone on your list, but you can personalize your message to each recipient. We highly recommend taking advantage of this feature if you’re sending eGifts to your colleagues or as thank yous to your guests!

Tips on sending eGift cards from Evite

Choose an eCard that’ll make them smile

The first step is to find an eCard that matches the occasion, like a Birthday eCard, Teacher Appreciation eCard, Christmas eCard, Holiday eCard or Thank You eCard. Then, find an eCard design that suits your recipient’s personality and style, and customize it with an envelope, liner, stamp, stickers, background and a personal message. 

Find an eGift card that matches their interests

Do they love fashion? Trying new restaurants? Decorating their home? There are eGift cards for every interest and person imaginable! All you need to do is think about your recipient and what they’re into and gift them something that speaks to it. 

Choose the right time (and delivery method) to send your eGift

You can opt to send your eGift card instantly (we’re looking out for you, last-minute gifters) or schedule it to be delivered at a later date. Either way, your recipient need never know when you actually chose their gift!

Fun fact: You can send eGift cards from Evite via email or text! While sending eGift cards by email is still wildly popular, sending one via text is a great way to ensure it doesn’t end up buried in your recipient’s inbox.

Write a personal message that will melt their heart

Of course, they’ll love your gift. But writing a thoughtful message to them adds the personal touch every gift needs. Consider mentioning why you chose the eGift card you chose, how much they mean to you, how you hope they’ll enjoy the gift and that you’ll see them soon. If it’s a thank-you gift, include specifics around what you’re thanking them for. 

Evite eGift card FAQ

How do eGift cards work?

eGift cards work just like physical gift cards, only they’re digital so recipients don’t have to worry about losing them or forgetting them when they’re ready to shop. You can purchase eGift cards from Evite to use at dozens of retailers and restaurants. Once your recipient redeems their eGift card via Evite, they can use it online or in person at the retailer or restaurant the eGift card is for. All they need to access it is their phone or the internet, and they’re ready to enjoy your gift to them. Pro tip: Screenshot your redemption page with your eGift’s barcode and info if you’re planning to use it in person. That way, you’ll have it handy when it comes to showing it to the cashier.

How can a recipient redeem their eGift card?

Evite will email or text recipients the exciting news that they’ve received an eGift card (along with the name of the person sending the gift) and provide detailed instructions on how to redeem their gift on A few important things to note:

  1. Recipients do not need an Evite account to redeem their eGift card from Evite.
  2. Evite uses mobile verification, so recipients must have a valid U.S. or Canada mobile phone number.
  3. eGift cards cannot be redeemed on the Evite app. 

If they need assistance with their eGift card, our Customer Service team will be happy to help!

Long story short, eGift cards are an awesome gifting option, and we’re so excited to make giving and receiving them even more exciting and fun! Want to take the celebrating beyond the gift (epic though it may be)? Plan a party to remember using one of Evite’s Birthday or Holiday invitations!