What to do if you forget someone’s name at a party

People talking to each other at a party.

Forgetting the name of that person you just met three seconds at a party? It happens. Here's how to get their name again without embarrassing yourself or them.

1. Introduce them to a friend. This trick is great if you're still chatting with your new acquaintance. Grab a friend and ask your nameless new acquaintance, “Have you met my friend (insert name here)?” and wait for them to introduce themselves. Problem solved—and you've stayed perfectly engaged and friendly with your new buddy as well.

2. Ask a mutual friend for their name. There’s bound to be someone at the party who knows this mystery man (or woman) and can clue you in. Do it when your nameless acquaintance isn't around, of course.

3. Remind them of your name. There's a good chance they've also completely forgotten your name. If you think that’s the case, try saying something along the lines of “It was great meeting you. My name is (insert name here). What was yours again?” at the end of your conversation, or “Hey, I’m (insert name here), we met at John and Sophia’s party last summer” (which will hopefully serve as a clue that they should reintroduce themselves). If nothing else, you’ll both be bonded by your six seconds of shared embarrassment.

4. Avoid using names altogether. It’s surprisingly easy to get through an entire conversation without ever actually referring to the other person by name. If their name continues to evade you it, resort to using pronouns or making ambiguous exclamations like, “Hey, you!” Then, refer to tip number 2 to find out their actual name. Chances are, if you continue to shout, “Hey, you!” every time you see them, they’re bound to catch on sooner or later.

5. Just ask them. There’s nothing wrong with being honest! Say, “What’s your name again?” or "I'm so sorry—remind me of your name?" Like we said, it happens to everyone so it's unlikely they'll hold it against you.

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