Top 5 girls’ night ideas (besides hitting the clubs)

A girls’ night doesn’t have to be about getting wild out on the town with your gal pals (though that’s a lot of fun, too). There are all kinds of entertaining ways to connect with the ladies in your life, including staying in and keeping it super casual. Next time you hang out with your favorite pals, try one of these creative girls’ night ideas.

1. Big-girl sleepover

Remember those slumber parties you had as a tween where you’d braid each other’s hair, try on red lipstick, eat junk food and watch movies? Sleepovers are even better now that you’re all grown up! Trade the snacks of slumber parties past for indulgent sweets (think chocolate-dipped strawberries and fancy nacho bites), swap the soft drinks for Champagne cocktails and plan to test out the latest beauty moves (who doesn’t love a fun makeover?). Best of all, your mom won’t be there to turn the lights out and order you all to sleep.

2. Sports night out

Sporty stuff isn’t just for guys’ nights. Bond over how bad (or good!) you are at bowling or mini golf. The great thing about these sports is that you don’t have to be skilled at them to have a blast. If you and the gals are into the hard stuff, meet to watch a basketball or hockey game at a local sports bar for an awesome night where no bar-food calories are left behind.

3. At-home wine-tasting

No need for a trip to wine country when you can have a casual wine-tasting at home. Theme it by wine type and have each girl bring her favorite Cabernet Sauvignon, or assign a different varietal to each person. If you happen to have a friend who knows a lot about wine, invite her to give a little talk. If not, Google “wine-tasting basics” and print out a quick primer — no doubt you’ll all learn something new.

4. Craft night

Is someone in the group a DIY maven who can teach a skill such as flower arranging? Host a craft night where you all work on projects together. Another option is to find a class — local craft stores host evening or weekend classes for all manner of things, from cake decorating to sewing. You might be inspired to do something as a group that you’d never get around to doing alone, and you’ll have gained a new talent.

5. Fine dinner out

Why wait for a date night to go to the best restaurant in town? Make a reservation at the fanciest spot you know, then you and your girlfriends can get all spiffed up and treat yourselves. Go ahead and order that hard-to-eat-neatly pasta — nobody’s judging!

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