Top 10 dos and don’ts of hosting a graduation party

School may be out—but we’ve still got some knowledge to share. Follow these top 10 graduation party dos and don’ts for throwing the rad grad party your student deserves.

Top 10 Dos and Don'ts of Hosting a Graduation Party by Evite

DO send your invitations early

Weekends are in high demand for grad parties, so send out an Evite invitation and grab your party date before anyone else does. You can easily add video chat to any invitation to accommodate guests who can’t attend in person.

DO plan ahead

Prevent day-of stress by prepping as much as you can the night before. Set up tables, chairs and decor, and clean your place so food and drinks are the only things you need to take care of on party day. For guests who aren’t physically coming to your home, think about how to provide the best video chat experience. Set up your device in a room with natural lighting and a strong internet connection.

DON’T keep your neighbors in the dark

If you’re expecting a large group of people, let your neighbors next door and across the street know ahead of time about limited street parking and potential noise.

DO set the stage

Make a statement as soon as guests walk through the door. Set up a special entrance table with your grad’s pics or other school memorabilia and a well wishes jar or guest book so everyone can jot down some sweet notes and words of advice. The table also provides a central location for guests to drop off gifts.

DON’T worry about the food

Make it easy on yourself—order catering to satisfy everyone’s tastes, such as a fajita or taco bar, so guests can serve themselves.

DO rent or borrow extra chairs and tables

The last thing you need is Aunt Charlotte spilling her Champagne on your rug because she can’t balance her plate while holding a drink. Borrow folding tables and chairs from friends or rent them from a party store.

DON’T forget the ice

Summer is kicking off, and guests will want to celebrate with a cold beverage. If you’re short on freezer space, ask a close friend to pick up ice on the way to the party.

DO create an epic playlist

There was a lot of hassle for that tassel, so it’s time to let loose! Play music in the background to set the mood or set up an area for dancing if your family and friends are down to get down on the dance floor.

DON’T forget to plan an activity

Keep the party popping by offering more than just food and drinks. Make up a trivia quiz about the grad and offer a prize for the most right answers, put together a photo booth or selfie station, or set up backyard games like cornhole.

DO customize your party

Stand out from the rest of the grad parties this season by getting creative and customizing your bash. Check out these quick how-to tips, such as hanging a personalized banner.

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