These jam hand pies are the *perfect* tea party pastry

You’ve planned your springtime tea party, you’ve thrifted the *cutest* tea cups and you’ve figured out which finger sandwiches to serve. Now what? It’s time for the final course—dessert! Sweet treats are a tea party must, and while picking something up from the market is a totally solid option (there’s only so much time in the day!), these jam hand pies are great when you want something a little more special. Cute, tasty and easy-to-make, these pies even use ingredients you might already have on-hand.


1 pack premade pie crust

Strawberry jam

1 egg

1 tbsp milk


Preheat the oven to 375F. On a floured surface, unroll the first pie crust. Cut off the rounded edges so you are left with a large square. Set the scraps aside. Cut down the middle of the big dough square and then lengthwise so you are left with 4 smaller square pieces. Follow this method with the second pie crust. Collect the dough scraps into a ball, roll it flat and cut out two more dough squares similar in size to your existing ones. Don’t worry if they’re not perfect squares!

Mix egg and milk together to make your “egg wash.”

Spread 1 tbsp of jam each onto half of your dough squares and moisten the edges around the jam with egg wash.

Using cookie cutters, cut out shapes on the other dough squares. Place these squares on top of your jam squares and crimp the edges with a fork to seal.

Use the dough shapes you cut out of the top squares as decoration. Brush the shapes with egg wash and place them egg-wash-side down onto your pastries. Get creative with it!

Finally, brush the top of your pastries with additional egg wash and bake in the oven for 17-20 minutes or until golden brown. Enjoy!

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