The 15 first bday gifts actress Becca Tobin gleefully recommends

There are a lot of special milestone birthdays, but a child’s 1st one is possibly the most precious for any parent to celebrate. Glee star and LadyGang™ podcast co-host Becca Tobin shared all the details about her son Ford’s wild animal-themed first birthday party, including her fave gifts for toddlers! From sensory games to adorable interactive musical toys, here’s what’s on her hit list.

Montessori Colorful Multi-Sensory Sorter Cube

Designed to help kids explore, experiment and discover, this BPA-free shape sorting cube features 6 different textile shapes and stretchy-soft elastic bands for hours of fun. 

Recommended age: 1 month & up

Price at time of publication: $15.99

Baby’s First Playtime Songs Interactive Sound Book

Iconic childhood tunes (think “The Wheels on the Bus” and other classics) are paired alongside charming illustrations. Visually and aurally, your little one will have a blast learning these tunes.

Recommended age: 1–3 years

Price at time of publication: $11.69

Retrospec Cricken Baby Walker Balance Bike

Baby’s first bike! This 4-wheel balance bike offers slip-resistant wheels, a comfy design, and limited steering to help your kiddo learn to ride safely. It’s also easy to assemble!

Recommended age: 12–24 months

Price at time of publication: $49.99

Bubble Lawn Mower

Push toys and bubbles are two of the most loved toys for toddlers, and this “lawn mower” is both! While it won’t cut your grass, it will provide tons of fun in the sun.

Recommended age: 18 months & up

Price at time of publication: $27.99

Musical Crawling Crab Toy

This cute crustacean dances, walks, lights up and plays music, but more importantly, kids of all ages can enjoy it! Whether yours is learning to crawl or is starting to stand up and dance, this toy is shore to be a fave.

Recommended age: 0 months & up

Price at time of publication: $30.99

Interactive Animals Bath Toy

No toddler’s collection of toys is complete without a great bath toy or two! This one offers a plethora of interactive play options and can be suction-cupped to a variety of surfaces. 

Recommended age: 12 months & up

Price at time of publication: $16.99

"Baby Einstein - Rainbow Bath!" Waterproof Bath Book

More bathtime fun! This waterproof bath book is filled with beloved Baby Einstein characters and teaches little ones all about colors so they can learn while they scrub up.

Recommended age: 0–1 year

Price at time of publication: $5.99

“Chicka Chicka Boom Boom” Board Book

Regardless of their reading level, this book is a joy to experience. Bold graphics, a fun approach to learning the alphabet, and being able to shout “chicka chicka boom boom” throughout makes this a favorite for parents and kids.

Recommended age: 1–4 years

Price at time of publication: $4.59

Fat Brain Toys Dimpl Pops Sensory Toy

While the recommended age is 3+, parents of younger children still rave about this calming, colorful sensory toy. The buttons are even made from food-grade silicone!

Recommended age: 3 years & up

Price at time of publication: $14.95

John Deere Animal Sounds Hayride

Toy farm animals that you can take in and out of a tractor might not seem thrilling to us mere adults, but for toddlers, it’s everything. Plus, this John Deere tractor plays “Old McDonald Had a Farm” and barnyard animal noises! 

Recommended age: 12–36 months

Price at time of publication: $24.99

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wooden Pounding Bench

Nobody does classic, affordable, wooden STEAM toys quite like Melissa & Doug! Crafted from colorful solid wood, the peek-a-boo pegs are non-removable and make practicing fine motor skills fun.

Recommended age: 2–4 years

Price at time of publication: $21.00

Pretend Play Kids’ Vacuum Cleaner

As soon as most kids can stand, you can bet they will try to “help” you clean up. This toy vacuum lights up and makes realistic sounds (plus some bonus tunes), so they can practice their gross motor skills while enjoying a timeless pretend play activity. 

Recommended age: 3 years & up

Price at time of publication: $34.99

Toniebox Audio Player with Chase, Skye, Marshall & Playtime Puppy

This is super cool! It’s a screen-free audio system that lets kids place a “Tonie” on top of the device (aka a character figurine, in this case, some Paw Patrol faves) and it will start to play stories, music and more to keep children engaged. 

Recommended age: 3 years & up

Price at time of publication: $139.99

Natural Wooden Percussion Instruments

This 16-piece percussion set features all of the basics kids love to play to help them develop their hand-eye coordination and musical creativity.

Recommended age: 3 years & up

Price at time of publication: $35.99

Montessori Fine Motor Skills Vehicles

Last but not least, another everyday item kids LOVE playing with…keys! This toddler-friendly set features different movable BPA-free cars with number-coordinated keys to help build fine motor skills and teach number matching as they get older.

Recommended age: 6 months & up

Price at time of publication: $15.29

Planning to throw a 1st bday party of your own? Check out our adorable first birthday invitations (including the party animal one Becca chose for her celebration) to get the party started—you can even add a registry to yours and include some of Becca’s stellar picks if you want!

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