Real Parties: Max’s 2nd superhero birthday party

Superhero parties are awesome at any age, but for toddlers, they’re especially exciting! From running around in capes to leaping from imaginary buildings in a bounce house, they're fun from start to finish. See how Max celebrated his 2nd birthday with his hero squad by his side!

Key details

Name of party: Max’s 2nd Superhero Birthday

City: West Hollywood, CA

Theme: Superhero Boy Birthday

Photography: Erin LaBrecque Photography

How the party came to life

Evite invitation: Funnily enough, I usually pick options for the themes for the kids’ birthday parties based on what I find on Evite. My kids are still so young that when I present them with three options of party themes, they can easily choose one and fall in love with it. So when I went to the website and saw this amazing superhero invite, I knew it would be perfect for Max's 2nd birthday. Once the invite was chosen, I built the party around the look and feel of it. 

Venue: Private home

Cake: Cakes by Claritza, and I also had her make some superhero custom cookies. I sent her the invite, and she used the same graphics to match the cake and cookies. She is incredible! 

Food: Angelica's Tacos

Florals: ME!! Flowers are never the most important part of a kids’ birthday party for me, but they do add a pop of color and elegance to any special occasion. I love going to my local florist (Sonny Alexander) and grabbing some of my go-tos. Eucalyptus, sunflowers, lilies and hydrangeas can sit well in the heat and add a sweet little accent to the outdoor table settings. 

Beverages: Corsa, Whispering Angel, Honest Company fruit drinks, Tecate, and Fiji mini water bottles.

Activities: Superhero bounce house, Batman piñata, and Creative Seeds Music with Ashley and Braffo.

Decor: ME! I got everything right from Etsy!

Favorite gifts received: Our favorite gift was a set of turntables from our cousin, Emilia. He also loved this dancing cactus toy

Surprise hit: The tacos! Everyone was going nuts over how amazing the tacos were! For us, the food is the most important part of any social gathering, so we were thrilled they were a hit! 

Party favors: When all of the kids arrived, I had a big basket of capes, masks and matching slap bracelets. It was an amazing way to get the kids locked into the theme and ready to have some fun! I also got cute superhero party favor bags for each kid to use when they broke the piñata open to collect their candy.

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