Real Parties: Lucia’s 2nd birthday rose garden picnic

Sunshine, good vibes and plenty of room to play are essentials for a successful kids’ birthday picnic party. Luckily, Lucia had all three for her rose garden picnic in celebration of her 2nd! Plus, she even got to celebrate with her two birthday buddies—does it get more fun than a 3-in-1 bday? See how mama Jessie DeLowe (@jessiedelowe on IG) went all out for Lucia and friends, Jahji and Indy.

Key details

Name of party: Lucia’s rose garden picnic

City: Santa Barbara, CA

Theme: Rose garden birthday picnic

Photography: Bethany Mollenkof

How the party came to life

Evite invitation: Picnicking Animals by Paige Spearin

Venue: Mission Rose Garden in Santa Barbara, CA

Cake: Salted caramel cake from Merci, Montecito

Food: Farmers market fruit, popcorn, homemade rice cakes, tacos, burritos and salad

Florals: Roses!

Beverages: Mayawell Prebiotic Soda, La Croix and rosé for the grownups

Activities: Scooters, magnatiles, running around and playing 

Decor: Table and seating area by Bliss Beach, umbrellas and YETI beach coolers

Favorite gift received: Mini Deluxe Magic Scooter

Surprise hit: The watermelon carved into a basket

Party favors: Magna-tiles Farm Structure Set


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