Real Parties: Lily & Rhyder’s floral picnic 1st birthday party

When you’re looking for a way to get outside and get together, it’s always fun to pick a picnic! Jayme (@jaymebolden on IG) and Noora (@noorarajbrown on IG) threw a joint floral picnic birthday party for their daughters Lily and Rhyder and we’re here to show you how it all came together! With flowers and snacks galore, what’s not to love?

Key details:

Name of party: Lily & Rhyder’s 1st Birthday

City: Los Angeles

Type of party: Girls’ first birthday 

Theme: Floral picnic

How the party came to life:

Evite invitation: Bloom & Brunch by Larsen McDowell

Venue: Private home

Cake: Loria Stern Flower Cakes

Food: Light charcuterie grazing boards + Roe Caviar

Florals: La Petite Gardenia

Beverages: Bartender-provided palomas, margaritas and El Vino wine

Activities: The Picnic Collective, music by Creative Seeds and crafts for older siblings with ArtZone

Decor: String of Pearls Balloon Arch from Streamers N Balloons

Surprise hit: Babies and kiddos ranging in ages all had something to eat, do and enjoy.

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