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Real Parties: Jac’s bridal shower

A woman in a white dress standing on a pink, vintage car.

When planning a bridal shower, the most important thing is choosing a theme the guest of honor is going to LOVE. The recipe for success? Pick a couple of the bride-to-be’s favorite things and work from there. Glee star Becca Tobin (@becca) and party planner Nikki Anderson (@runawayindie) did exactly that while planning bride-to-be Jac Vanek’s (@jacvanek) shower. Complete with Crumbl Cookies, Panera soup, signature cocktails and more, this party was totally Jac and totally adorable. Keep reading to see how it all came together.

A pink vintage car.
Florals at the bridal shower.
On left, the bridal shower invitation. On right, a rack of pink pajamas.
Three women posing for the camera.
On left, a woman leaning against the snack table. On right, the signature cocktail menu.
Cookies on a plate.
A place setting.
On left, a table set with cakes and flowers. On right, a close-up of a place setting.
On left, a cake. On right, a woman decorating a cake with frosting.
A table with goodie bags from Birdy Grey.
Three women posing in a pink vintage car.

Key details

Party name: Jac’s Bridal Shower

City: Los Angeles 

Theme: Cocktails, cookies & crop tops

How the party came to life 

Evite invitation: Jac is a super talented designer, so she wanted to try her hand at doing a custom design with Evite and she crushed it! It’s so very her. 

Venue: Keltie’s backyard (which was still being renovated up until 2 hours before the party set-up started!) 

Food: Jac is a huge fan of Panera Bread and Crumbl Cookies so we had both there! (The party ended with a bunch of girls gathered around Keltie’s kitchen eating Broccoli Cheddar soup.) 

Florals: We had an INCREDIBLE event planner, Nikki Anderson from Runaway Indie, who used the invitation as inspiration for the gorgeous florals. The invitation had black accents and we weren’t sure how she would be able to incorporate such a challenging color, but she did it flawlessly!

Beverages: Keltie came up with custom cocktails for the occasion that were all inspired by our bride: Marry Me Margarita, Scene Queen Spritz, and BrideGang Champagne. 

Activities: Nikki brought a bunch of tiny cakes for each of us to decorate which was super fun. And Jac saw a TikTok video from another bridal shower where everyone painted their own picture of the bride and groom. That part was wildly entertaining because of the different levels of artistic ability.

Decor: Nikki brought the most epic vintage bright pink golf cart that was parked at the entrance of the party, which created the perfect photo op. From the place settings to the florals, Nikki and her team put so much thought into the details. (Not Keltie or Becca’s strong suit!)

Favorite gifts received: Jac asked for no gifts. 

Surprise hit: Definitely the painting activity at the end! 

Party favors: Every guest from the party received the chicest pajamas and slippers from the brand Birdy Grey. 

When did you start planning this shower?

We started planning the shower back in the spring after Becca threw her son’s first birthday party. She got the hosting bug! 

What was the bride-to-be's favorite moment? 

Jac’s mom May gave the most beautiful toast—there wasn’t a dry eye in the place! 

Why did you choose this theme?

We just picked three of Jac’s favorite things and took it from there!

What advice would you give to other people looking to throw a bridal shower? 

It’s important to understand who the bride is. Does she enjoy large gatherings or more intimate events? Does she enjoy a lot of attention or is she a little less extroverted? That will really help with planning the specific activities. And, obviously, have her favorite foods and drinks there. :)

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