Real Parties: Chloe’s 7th birthday puppy pawty

Birthdays and puppies…is there a better combo? Well, there might be if you add a cookie cake to the mix the way Lauren did for her daughter Chloe’s birthday party! Here’s how she made this pawsitively awesome party happen.


Key details

Type of party: Chloe’s pawty

City: Encino, CA

Theme: Puppy party

How the party came to life

Evite InvitationPup on Over

Venue: Private home

Cake: A cookie cake from Mrs. Fields and a candy platter from Kim•Chi•Avocado

Food: Chicken tenders, fries and fruit from Let’s Have a Cart Party and salads from California Chicken Cafe

Florals: Trader Joe’s

Beverages: Water, sparkling water and High Noon

Activities: Lauren Lunzer brought her puppies over for everyone to play with!

Decor: Tons of puppy-themed goodies from Amazon, including this paw print balloon arch, these dog centerpieces and this dog-themed tableware set. We also ordered our signage from Etsy.

Favorite gifts received: A handmade beaded purse and some rollerblades.

Surprise hit: No surprise, but the DOGS were the biggest hit. And the pool since it was 110 degrees, no joke.

Party favors: These cute plush puppies from Amazon.

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