Real Parties: Ari’s Formula One birthday

A 1st birthday party is a must. And a racing-themed party is a classic. So a Formula One birthday bash is truly a wheely awesome experience! See how mama Jess celebrated her son Ari’s major milestone birthday with a fuel station (snacks and water), winning party favors and a dessert option that had everyone racing for seconds.

Key details

Name of party: Ari's Formula One Birthday

City: Studio City

Theme: Cars

How the party came to life

Evite invitation: Retro Race Car

Venue: Our backyard 

Cake and dessert: We didn't have a traditional cake, but our smash cake was from Yvonne's Vegan Kitchen. We had custom cookies from Yvonne's Cookies, and we also had a dessert cart with Balboa bars, frozen bananas and cotton candy with a toppings bar from @sweet_poppys.

Food: We had tacos from Angelica's Tacos set up on our driveway and fruit and snacks inside. We filled these "fuel boxes" with Bamba, popcorn and Pirate's Booty, each carefully labeled to be conscious of all the allergies out there!!

Florals: We had mini floral arrangements with touches of green for the tables. 

Beverages: Our fuel station had water bottles covered with fuel labels, Honest juice boxes, craft beers, wine bottles and soda cans, and we filled the tubs and a cooler with drinks.

Decor: We rented round tables, white tablecloths and black chairs, and we had checkered table runners, balloon arches, balloon tires, a race car balloon and a number one balloon. We had a few of these Radio Flyer race cars for kids to sit on and ride, and this pennant flag bunting greeted and led everyone to our backyard. As for the signage, we turned to LarkPaperie on Etsy for everything! 

Favorite gifts received: Clothes, books and his Radio Flyer Push Car.

The surprise hit: I think the dessert cart was the gift that kept giving—the kids chose from different toppings, even for the cotton candy. But it also warmed my heart to see kids wearing their race car sunglasses at the party.

Party favors: Gift bags filled with candy, race car sunglasses, a trophy and beat bud instruments (tambourine and egg shaker). The trophies were more popular with the older kids that were able to sit and decorate them at the crafts table. These sunglasses were also sprinkled on the tables and were a huge hit!

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