Oh, baby! These are the top 10 games & activities for baby showers

Baby showers aren’t just about showering the parents-to-be with gifts (though every expectant parent can all agree this is a *much* appreciated tradition)—they're also a great opportunity to have some fun with friends and family! That’s why we’re here to offer you our top 10 favorite games to try at baby showers. Luckily, there is no shortage of baby-themed games and these ones are certain to get the ice broken, the chit-chat a-flowin’ and the laughter rollin’! 

  1. Who's That Baby? 

Have you ever stepped into a party and wished you knew what everyone looked like as a baby? Just us? Well, on the off chance that you answered “YES!” to that question, then this is the ultimate party game for you. Ask your guests to bring a photo of themselves as a baby and collect the photos upon their arrival. Then, arrange the photos on a wall or table and number them. Guests can then write down which person they think corresponds with the baby photo. Happy guessing!

  1. Advice for the New Parents 

As the old adage goes: it takes a village. Help provide the parents-to-be with much-needed advice and support by setting up an advice station. Place some paper, pens and a bowl or jar on a table and invite guests to leave a heartfelt note with some sage advice or words of encouragement. Or simply hand out these baby prediction and advice cards to guests. It will leave the expectant parents with a lovely keepsake and serve as a reminder that they’re not alone when things get tough. 

  1. Share a Storybook

Children’s books have some of the best stories, the sweetest artwork and plenty of lessons we could all learn a thing or two from! If you’re hosting a baby shower, consider asking guests to bring a copy of one of their favorite books from childhood or a contemporary children’s book they love. Then, during the shower, set aside time for everyone to share which book they brought. It’ll give everyone a chance to reminisce and help the parents-to-be start their little one’s library! Here are some of our favorite books for baby showers with everything from classics like Goodnight Moon to recent hits like Ricky, the Rock that Couldn’t Roll.

  1. Baby Food Taste Test

We know, we know—of all the hors d'oeuvres to offer at a gathering, baby food is probably the last one your guests are expecting. But what’s more on-theme for a baby shower than a little baby food taste test? Simply purchase a few intriguing baby food flavors, cover their labels and number each jar. Then, invite guests to test them and write down their flavor guesses on a piece of paper. The guest who gets the highest number of correct guesses wins!

  1. Baby Item Memory Game

Pacifiers, rattles and mobiles, oh my! This memory game is the perfect way to get guests’ gears turning—and doubles as an excuse for the parents-to-be to kickstart their baby shopping! Arrange a variety of baby items on a table and keep covered with a cloth until the game begins. Then, remove the cloth and give guests a minute to try and memorize what items are on the table. After a minute, cover the items again with the cloth and ask guests to write down as many items as they can remember. The guest that is able to remember the most items wins!

  1. Guess the Due Date

Perhaps the simplest baby shower game of all, this game asks guests to (as its title implies) guess the expectant parents’ due date and is super a fun way to get everyone excited about the little one! The guest whose guess is closest to the actual due date wins. Debatably the most fun part of the game? Seeing how far off some of the guesses can get!

  1. Don't Say "Baby" 

Upon their arrival, give each guest five clothespins and ask them not to say the word "baby" during the party. If someone slips up and accidentally drops the b-word, the first person to notice gets to take one of their clothespins. The guest with the most clothespins at the end of the party wins!

  1. Baby Bingo 

This one requires a teeny bit of prep, but who doesn’t love a good game of bingo? Print out blank bingo cards before the party and fill in the squares with various baby-related items. Remember, the order of items on each bingo board should be unique! On the day of the party, hand out the bingo boards to guests, call out baby items in a random order and see who’s able to fill a row first! Bonus points if they yell out “BABY BINGO!” instead of the typical “Bingo!”

  1. Name That Baby Tune 

Music lovers, this one’s for you! Before the day of the baby shower, create the *ultimate* playlist of baby-related songs. Choose tracks that have “baby” in the title, in the lyrics or even reference babies in some regard—get creative with it! On the day of the party, play a few seconds of each song and ask guests to try and guess the name of the song. The guest who guesses the most songs correctly is the winner—and honorary music aficionado!

  1. Diaper Raffle

Diapers are a new parent’s best friend, so why not help the parents-to-be stock up on diapers with this fun and simple game? Before the baby shower, find a fun prize to raffle off—it could be a cool piece of tech like Apple AirPods, something versatile like an Amazon gift card or something sentimental like the parents-to-be’s favorite cookbook. Ask guests to come to the baby shower with a pack or two of diapers to be exchanged for raffle tickets (i.e. one pack of diapers = 1 raffle ticket!). It’s a win-win: the guests get a chance to leave with a cool prize and the parents-to-be get to stock-up on baby supplies!

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