Nothing Fancy Dinner Party with Tessa Tran

Tessa Tran is best known as the CEO of the iconic jewelry brand Chan Luu. But she’s also exceptionally passionate about cooking, especially with her mom and aunt! Her #NothingFancyDinnerParty list is filled with delightful surprises—and they’re all easy to recreate for your own dinner party…

Tessa’s #NothingFancyDinnerParty

Must-have for charcuterie board: Quince or pepper jelly

Home-cooked specialty: Larb or this easy Pan Chicken with Blood Orange

Order-in: I never order in, but my favorite restaurant is Locanda Portofino

Beloved beverage (alcoholic or non): Sparkling water with 5 dashes of bitters

Must-have hosting item from Amazon: Stainless steel martini olive picks

Top pick for flowers: Single orchid in a low glass

Listening to: Vince Guaraldi                                 

Go-to gift for the host/hostess with everything: Hermes Lip Care Balm

Dessert of choice: Frozen grapes with Disaronno

Vegan or GF snack option: Brown rice with homemade gomasio (sesame salt)

Go-to conversation starter: Upcoming travels?

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