Nothing Fancy Dinner Party with Justina Blakeney

Designer, artist, best-selling author, and founder of The Jungalow and Justina Blakeney Home, Justina Blakeney can now add #NothingFancyDinnerParty planner to her list of titles! All we can say is, we would definitely stay ‘til the end of this party. See what made her dinner party list!

Justina’s #NothingFancyDinnerParty

Must-have cheese for charcuterie board: Plymouth Cheese Sage & Herbs 

Home-cooked specialty: Black eyed peas 

Order-in: Homestate

Beloved beverage: Mojito!

Must-have hosting item from Amazon: Because I believe all good parties end with late-night karaoke sessions, a good Karaoke mic is a must-have!!

Top pick for flowers: Proteas are gorgeous and elevated-looking, and last for weeks and weeks—always a great choice for parties.

Listening to: Erykah Badu, João Gilberto, Prince, Sam Cooke, Solange, Chaka Khan, Stevie Wonder, Joni Mitchell, Hall & Oats, and Dolly Parton

Go-to gift for the host/hostess with everything: The Prayer plant is the perfect hostess gift because the leaves close and open like closed and open hands—the gesture for gratitude. 

Dessert of choice: Flan

GF snack option: Avocado sushi rolls

Go-to conversation starter: "If you could live in any movie or TV show, which would you live in?"

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