Not to get mushy, but model & blogger Rocky Barnes’ son’s fungi 1st bday is truly adorable

Parents bringing a mushroom-shaped cake to their baby who sits in a high chair and is wearing a mushroom hat.

Fungi are becoming quite the theme on the party scene for kids, and the adorableness of the decor alone is a good enough reason to embrace this trend. But, lifestyle and fashion blogger, model, and mama-of-two Rocky Barnes has an even sweeter reason for choosing mushrooms as the theme for her son Charlie’s first birthday. Learn all about how she threw a super spore-tacular birthday (including where she got her decor and supplies!) in our exclusive Q&A (then check out her gift suggestions for a one-year-old)!

Parents pose with their baby who is wearing a mushroom hat.

Mushroom plushies poking out of goodie bags with mushroom balloons in the background..
A baby in a high chair wearing a mushroom hat with giant mushroom sculptures surrounding.
Mushrooms made of moss sit on a table behind mushroom-shaped paper plates.
Polaroids taken at the party sit on a table.
Image of the host's backyard with mushroom plushies scattered on the ground.

How did you choose your theme?

When Matt and I started dating I would always send him this silly meme that said “I have so mushroom in my heart for you.” Since then, mushrooms have always been our thing. Jones’ nursery is mushroom-themed, so it felt appropriate for Charlie's birthday to continue the theme!

Were you considering any other themes?

We didn’t really have any other themes in mind…we always knew we wanted it to be CHARLIE IS A FUNGHI!

Who designed your party decor?

This party was completely DIY! You can find all the materials we used to create the party here on Amazon.

This is your second time planning a first birthday party! Did you find it easier?

Jones' first birthday was during the pandemic so, unfortunately, his was much smaller. Charlie’s was actually much more involved. Matt and I love hosting people, so we already had an idea of how the party would look and flow.

What's something that you learned from a past bday party that you applied to this party?

We hired a lifeguard for this party which was great! With so many little kids around it gave everyone a little more peace of mind. Also, we created a snack table for the kids that was at their level so they could pick out snacks all on their own!

What activities and entertainment did you have?

I think the biggest source of entertainment was the bubble machines. They were a hit! It also turned out to be a beautiful day so a bunch of the kids jumped in the pool!

What did you choose for party favors?

Every kid got to take home a goodie bag with their own plush mushroom toy, stickers, temporary tattoos, Play-Doh, mushroom-shaped sunnies, bubbles, stacking crayons and coloring books!

What's the moment you know you'll remember and cherish years from now?

The whole day was so special, but for me, the smash cake and singing happy birthday was so fun! Charlie had a blast!

Fun fact: Rocky even designed her own invitation and uploaded it to one of our "Upload Your Own Design" templates! How cool is that?

An image of the birthday invitation.

(Of course, if you want to throw a mushroom-themed party of your own with a template that's already chock-full of fungi, check out these designs!)

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