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New Trends on the Block: Spring 2023 kids’ birthdays

A collage of Barbie-inspired party images, decor and party favors with a little girl in pink in the foreground.

Spring has sprung which means it’s time for another party trend report (*cue the applause and confetti*). We’ve been on the lookout for this season’s latest fads on the kids’ bday circuit to make sure you have all the inspo you need to celebrate your kiddo’s special day. Here’s what we’ve noticed: everybody loves nostalgic characters and venues, parties are trending smaller and disco is totally in. Keep reading for more details, inspo from real parties and even some of our favorite Etsy and Amazon finds.

Nostalgic classics are making a comeback 

Everyone loves a blast from the past, and with two of the most iconic and classic characters hitting movie theaters this year, we’re definitely seeing an uptick in nostalgic themed parties. That’s right: Super Mario-inspired parties and Barbie-inspired parties are HUGE when it comes to kids’ birthdays right now…and for good reason! There is so much fun decor on the market for these two themes and the kiddos get so excited to celebrate with their favorite characters.  

And it’s not just nostalgic characters that are making a comeback. Venues that have been around for decades are also going strong: kids can’t seem to get enough of McDonald’s parties and Chuck E. Cheese parties! With kid-friendly food and activities, these establishments prove that sometimes it’s best to go back to the basics.

Keep scrolling to explore inspo and decor by theme!

Super Mario-inspired

A collage of Super Mario-inspired party images and an invitation.

Our fave decor item:

Super Mario Goodie Bags

Check out even more adorable supplies for Super Mario-inspired parties here!


A collage of barbie-inspired party images and a Barbie-inspired invitation.

Our fave decor item:

Barbie Balloon Arch

Browse more Barbie-inspired party decor items here!


A collage of McDonald's-themed birthdays.

Our fave decor item:

McDonalds Balloons

Start planning a birthday party at a McDonald’s here.

Chuck E. Cheese

A collage of images from Chuck E. Cheese birthdays.

Our fave decor item:

Chuck E. Cheese Favor Bag Toppers

Ready to plan a party at your nearest Chuck E. Cheese? Find more info here.

Go big on the party, not on the guest list

We know figuring out who to invite to your little one’s birthday can be one of the hardest parts of party planning. Lately, we’ve noticed parents are opting for smaller guest lists, sticking to just a few of their kiddo’s close friends! In fact, in a recent survey we conducted, 54% of participants said they’re more likely to invite a few friends vs. the whole class. 

And we totally get it! A smaller party means more room for memorable experiences—you can really devote more time to crafting an epic experience without worrying about costs getting too high or feeling overwhelmed by the size of the party. Here are some examples we’re loving:

A collage of kids birthday images, including a fairy princess birthday and an animal-themed birthday.

This slumber party for the birthday girl and her 5 besties is a total birthday dream-come-true! Everyone got their own bed inside a super cute outdoor tent! For your own DIY version, ask guests to bring their own sleeping bags and gift everyone a fuzzy, pink heart pillows and a colorful silk eye mask for an added oomph of luxury.

We also love how every guest got their own dress-up wings at this butterfly party! This 8-pack of butterfly wings is the perfect way to give each guest the chance to choose their favorite color. You can even help them live out their ultimate butterfly-fairy-princess dreams with these adorable butterfly wands.

Everybody’s got disco fever!

Disco is back and better than ever…but, to be honest, did it ever go away? We’re seeing sparkles and disco balls everywhere—and we’re not mad about it! Here are some of our fave takes on disco for you to try at your kiddo’s next bday bash:

Pink, glam disco:

Pink is the definitive BFF of glitter, so why not combine the two with a pink, glam disco party? 

A collage of pink disco ball decor and an image of a disco invitation.

Our fave decor items:

Pink disco ball napkins

xo Fetti disco balloons

Boho disco:

Hippie-esque florals pair perfectly with shimmery disco balls for the ultimate ’70s-inspired party.

A collage of boho disco party images.

Our fave decor items:

Boho streamers and balloons

Disco ball planters

Rodeo disco:

Create the ultimate cool party by combining all things rodeo with all things disco. For kiddos who love to dress up, this is truly the ultimate party theme because the accessory opportunities are seriously endless! 

A collage of rodeo disco images, including cowgirl boots and disco balls.

Our fave decor items:

Balloon arch

Cowgirl disco straws 

Find even more sparkly, shimmery, disco-tacular products at our Amazon shop here.

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All of the products we feature are hand-selected by our editors! You see only what we love and what we think you'll love too. If you buy something through links on our site, Evite may earn a commission. Prices are subject to change.

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