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Natasha Bull’s Irish colcannon for St. Patrick’s Day

A bowl of colcannon with a square of butter on top.

Whether mashed, fried or baked, potatoes are always a crowd-pleaser. But this Irish mashed potato recipe is certain to absolutely knock your guests’ socks off. Though historically eaten on Halloween, colcannon is a popular Irish potato dish now associated with St. Patrick’s Day, too! The delicious combination of creamy potatoes, flavorful greens and crispy bacon makes for a hearty twist on your typical mashed potatoes. Try it out for your St. Patrick’s Day celebration—it might just become your new favorite comfort food! 

Author: Natasha Bull of Salt & Lavender


2.5 pounds Russet potatoes, cut into chunks

1/2  pound bacon, cut into small pieces

3 cups kale or green cabbage, chopped

1/2  bunch scallions (green parts only), chopped

1/2 cup heavy whipping cream

2 tablespoons butter, plus extra for serving

Salt & pepper to taste


  1. Cook the potatoes in a large, salted pot of boiling water until they're good and tender. Drain when they're cooked.
  2. Meanwhile, cook the bacon until it's just crispy over medium-high heat in a skillet.
  3. Once the bacon is about done, add the kale to the skillet. Cook it until tender (about 4–5 minutes).
  4. Add the scallions to the skillet and cook for a minute or two (just enough to take the sharp edge off).
  5. Mash the potatoes with the cream and butter. Add the kale mix to the potatoes and mash it in until it's completely incorporated. If needed, add some salt & pepper.
  6. Serve with a generous pat of butter on top. Enjoy!

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