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Guest contributor: Erica Domesek of P.S.—I Made This

Q: Favorite Holiday? A: HALLOWEEN! OBVIOUSLY!​

For as long as I can remember, Halloween has been my everything. Maybe it’s because I was born in October? ​Or maybe, it's just because it’s an entire season I can tap into all things creative and festive and celebrate with the people I love! Ever since having a child, Halloween has become way more fun, as now I get to involve my son, Wylie, in all the festivities.​

Creating a fun Halloween party is easier than you think—all you really need is a fun activity, spooky treats and some festive decor! I created this downloadable DIY template with Evite for kids to create their very own spooky bat pumpkins at home. You just need a few supplies, some little cute pumpkins and you’re all set!​ Here’s how to make them with your kids:


Kraft paper roll

Faux pumpkins (or real ones!)​

Googly eyes

Black paper


Cordless glue gun

My downloadable PSIMT DIY template


1. Print the PSIMT DIY template + staple a black piece of paper to the back of the worksheet to secure it in place.​

2. Cut out wings, ears and the hat pieces (cone + circle). Don’t forget to cut the inner circle in the middle of your hat base.​

3. Before attaching wings, dot lines on the ears and wings to note where to fold them. This will make a flap for when you glue them onto your pumpkin!​

4. Using hot glue, glue the wings onto the side of your pumpkin. Placing them at a slight upward angle will make them look more realistic. ​

5. Next, glue on the hat and ears. ​

6. Place some googly eyes on the front of the pumpkin to complete your spooky pumpkin!

But don’t stop at pumpkins! Having a party means you need treats, creepy-cute party decorations and a fun vibe that pulls it all together. This Halloween cookie decorating kit combines making a tasty treat with a creative activity, so it’s doubly enjoyable. Plus, it’s a great excuse to wear this Halloween apron. And if you’re looking for the most perfect pumpkin plates, nifty napkins and kid-friendly Halloween decor, you can find all of my picks here on Amazon!

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