Jungle safari party inspiration

Jungles and safaris are an amazing choice for a kid's birthday party—the theme is fun and great for kids, the possibilities are endless for bringing the theme to life! (Not to mention the costumes are going to be out-of-this-world cute!)

For decor, go for a versatile color like blue and mix it with animal prints and grass textures. If you find a fun print like cheetah print crepe paper, incorporate it into the party, like wrapping it around spoons for the mini-banana puddings. It's all about the details! Your food can also play off the theme, with treats like “Baboon Butter” and “Hungry Hippo Dip." These are just some thought starters as you're planning your own jungle safari party, and we say—go wild!

Evite GreyGrey Designs Jungle Safari
Evite GreyGrey Designs Jungle Party
Evite GreyGrey Designs Safari Party Desserts
Evite GreyGrey Designs Jungle Desserts
Evite GreyGrey Designs Jungle Fruit
Evite GreyGrey Designs Hungry Hippo Dip
Evite GreyGrey Designs Jungle Snacks

Ready to get the jungle party started? Check out this adorable Evite invitation.

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