Jet's "Hole in One" 1st birthday party by Dress Up Buttercup

Dede Raad with her son Jet at his golf-themed birthday party.

Guest contributor: Dede Raad of Dress Up Buttercup

Crazy to believe our sweet boy turned one last month! Time flew with Rosie but I swear it’s going even faster with the Jet! I find myself trying to be as present as possible these days, and soaking up as many moments with the babies as I can. I know I’ll blink and Jet will be talking and walking…

A few months before Jet’s birthday we were trying to decide what kind of party to throw him, how many people to invite, and even asked y’all who we should be inviting to kid’s parties—if it’s just the parents and the kids, or the whole fam?! So many mixed responses haha so we ended up inviting all our close friends and fam and decided on a Hole in One/golf theme! Ted loves golf as y’all all know lol but we also thought it would be special to honor my dad since this year is the 10th anniversary of his passing and he was also a big golfer. Katy and I have an old set of his clubs that we knew we wanted to incorporate somehow too.

The theme was so fitting and our vision totally came to life, thanks to the help of a planner I used starting about a month and a half before Jet’s birthday. We worked together to make sure vendors were secured, everything was ordered and invites were sent. We use paperless invites sent through Evite! I started pinning some stuff to my Pinterest board too to pull some inspo. Rosie’s first birthday was a rose garden theme, so this was our first boy birthday party we’ve had to plan. Needed all the help we could get!

Sharing party details below to give y’all some ideas if you’re looking to throw a golf themed par-tee in the future!


  • Catering: Krazy Kreole
  • We got a food truck for the party and wanted something that would be yummy and portable to eat, and this truck was so good! Their menu had everything from fish and chips to pulled pork po boys, french fries, and sandwiches
  • Bounce house: Tiny Pits and Play
  • Since a lot of our friends have kids around Rosie’s age and a little bit older, we wanted to have something fun to keep the kids entertained so we rented a bounce house! This was probs the highlight of the party for the kids, I think they only came inside to eat and get water during the party haha.
  • Bar: Traveling Spirits
  • We used this company for Rosie’s birthday and were so impressed with them! They come up with the cutest custom drink ideas that are SO pretty. You can customize your package with them, depending on how crazy you want to go but love that they restock during the party, serve everyone, and set up and break down everything.
  • Balloon Artist: Twist It Up
  • Signage: Kulgra
  • They created a few custom signs for the event, one we displayed on the bar, a bar menu with the cocktail listed out and the stir sticks with Jet’s face on them! I died at these, they were the cutest touch and everyone loved these/took them home!

Party decor

  • One Year – 12 photo banner: ordered this and printed out a picture from each month over the past year! Totally recommend incorporating this into a first birthday party. Everyone loved seeing how much Jet has grown over the past few years, plush it’s fun to just scroll through your photos when picking them to take a trip down memory lane!
  • Repurposed some gold frames like these that we’ve had since Rosie’s birthday to display more photos of Jet around the house
  • Added a bunch of golf tees to some vases for extra decor on the mantle!


With the Masters wrapping up right before Jet’s birthday, we had the idea to dress him in a green little Masters blazer! We found this one on Etsy for him, then added the hat and this bodysuit/suspender set from Katy underneath!

We decided to go with the caddy outfits for the rest of the fam, and found those on Etsy too! We asked our guests to dress in country club/golf clothes and loved seeing the outfits people came wearing!

Want to throw a tee-rific party of your own? Check out these Evites and our Kids' Birthday: Golf Theme Amazon shop, curated by Dede!

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