How to throw a cheers-worthy dinner party

A close-up of a summery dinner table.

Summer’s approaching which means it’s time to start toasting! Picture this: good wine, good vibes, yummy bites and the best of people. Excited much? We’re here to help you make the most of your summer evenings with plenty of dinner party inspo and ideas, so check out these 8 evening vibes to figure out what kind of night you want to have. Oh, and we’ve even included adorable invitation to use by theme. Cheers to that!

Dreamy greenery

Fresh Fronds

A tropical party on the left and a tropical invitation on the right.

Nature seriously knows how to put on a show when summer rolls around. The trees are green, the leaves are rustling and everything feels so green and full of life! This invitation beautifully references summery palms and happy leaves, perfect for getting your guests stoked to wine and dine together. 

Just a little bougie

Wine Napkin Doodles

A black and white illustrated invitation and an outdoor, summery tablescape on the right.

Live your best life and wear your best dress. There’s no shame in being a little bit bougie (is #BougieGirlSummer a thing?), so get the group together for a night of fine wine and even finer photo ops. We love these designs because they’re the perfect balance of fun and fancy.

Warm & fuzzy

Up Close & Personal

An outdoor dinner party on the left and an invitation on the right.

Fill your glass and your heart with a sweet and wholesome evening, the kind where the sunset seems like its from a movie and your cheeks start to hurt from smiling! To cultivate the perfect atmosphere, might we suggest lots of string lights, many candles and a potluck-style meal.

Charcuterie cuties

Charcuterie & Wine

A charcuterie board invitation on the left and a dinner table full of people eating n the right.

“Charcuterie” is arguably the word of the decade—and for good reason! Nothing gets guests excited like an aesthetically pleasing grazing board, especially one with copious amounts of cheese. So, throw your own wine & cheese night this summer with one of our snacktacular designs.

Our go-to for girls’ night

Wine Night

A picture of a bar on the left and a colorful, wine-themed invitation on the right.

Girls just wanna have fun—and cute invitations! Everybody loves a GNO, but this is the summer of the GNI. Gather the girls for the ultimate backyard wine night, complete with tasty snacks and cute lighting (fairy lights and candles are a must). 

Swill & swirl

Agate Swirl

A swirly invitation on the left and a neutral tablescape on the right.

Choose an invitation as fun and carefree as you are! These colorful swirls give off that laidback, go-with-the-flow energy that we’re planning on embodying all summer long. Let the wine flow and the good times roll.

Notes of nostalgia

All My Party People

On left, a long dinner table with lit candles and disco balls hanging from the ceiling. On the right, an invitation.

Party like it’s 1920. Or ’50. Or ’70. We don’t care! Everybody loves a blast from the past, especially one that inspires a party. Whether you’re leaning into Gatsby vibes or going full disco, a nostalgic invitation sets the perfect tone for a throwback.

Lush & full-bodied florals

Peony & Hyacinth & Vivid Floral Kaleidoscope

A colorful, summery outdoor dinner table with lots of flowers and candles.

There’s something about warm weather that makes us want to frolic in a field of flowers. Anyone else? Harness those easy, breezy and free vibes with one of these beautifully botanical designs. They’re colorful and lively—and great for inspiring your party decor! Bonus points if your party florals match your Evite.

We partnered with our friends at Avaline to bring you the cutest dinner party inspo, so make sure to follow us on Instagram. Ready to throw your own? Check out our guide to throwing dreamy summer dinner parties here!

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