How to host a diaper raffle

Stack of diapers.

Hosting a diaper raffle at your baby shower is a great way to make sure the new parents-to-be are stocked and ready for when their little bundle of joy arrives. Here are all the directions and tips you need to host the perfect diaper raffle!

Put it on the invitation

Planning a raffle begins with announcing it, so make sure guests are aware they need to bring a box of diapers in order to get a raffle ticket. The best way to do this is to put it right there on the invitation: “bring a pack of diapers in any size, for a chance to win a prize!” Also, don’t forget to specify the desired type of diaper, so ask the parents-to-be which brand they prefer.

How to play

Buy a roll of pre-printed raffle tickets from any party supply store, or create your own, and give each guest one ticket for every box of diapers they bring. Have each guest write their name on their tickets and add them to a large container for mixing. Also, customizing the look and feel of the tickets to fit the theme of your shower is a fun way to add a little extra pop to the game.

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Frequently asked questions

How do you make sure guests know to bring diapers?

Inform guests that you will be hosting a diaper raffle by putting the information on the invitation.


How do you make sure the new parents don’t receive too many of one-size diapers?

Include it on the invitation: “Please purchase diapers in any size.” This helps your guests to know it’s helpful to gift more than just newborn sizes. If all else fails, encourage guests to include a gift receipt with their diapers.

How do you make sure parents get their preferred brand of diapers?

If the parents-to-be have a brand preference, then simply specify that in the invitation.  

How many raffles and prizes should there be?

You may choose to have one big raffle or a few smaller ones.  But you don’t want to do too many or the shower will become all about the raffles, keeping it anywhere from 1-3 raffles is best.

What should the prize be?

Keep it simple by raffling off a gift card or gift basket. Another option is an emotionally based raffle prize, like the chance to be “the first person to hold the baby after the immediate family,” this will ensure plenty of diaper raffle entries!

How do you selecting the winner(s)?

You may choose to select the winner of the raffle before the guest of honor opens their gifts—this is a great way to get all the guests gathered before moving on to the opening of gifts. Or you may choose to select the winner at the mid-way point of the gift opening. This will incentivize guests to stay for the entire shower...no one is going to sneak out if they could win a prize!

How should you distribute the prizes?

Once you have decided on how many raffles you will hold, you can decide on how you would like to display or distribute your prizes. Gift baskets are always a crowd-pleaser. Or if the prize is a gift card, sealing it inside an envelope with a thank you note is a nice touch. Get creative and personal with the prizes and your guests will enjoy them that much more.

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