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How to give the bride-to-be the trendiest shower of 2023

A champagne cart with balloons and flowers.

Experts agree: bridal showers are getting more detailed in 2023. While the typical gift-giving and games is totally still a thing, bridal showers are becoming more and more about the personal touches: Instagrammable signage and decor, on-theme cocktails and personally branded party favors are just a few trends on the rise recently. We asked party planners Kristine Cooke of Simply Charming Socials, Meg Betcherman & Cait Roberts of WOVEN & REVEL and Julia Lake of Julia Lake Parties for their insight into what’s happening in the world of bridal showers this year.

Fun food & drinks

A champagne cart with balloons and flowers.

Image credit: @magnoliawestphotography via @primroseandpetals

Bubbly cart credit: @popgigglesqueak

“You can never go wrong with bubbly,” says Kristine. “Champagne is always in, but so are fizzy signature cocktails. We're employing mobile bars for these big days, serving up French 75's and Aperol Spritzes to the bride and her babes.”

Make it personal

A woman in a white dress posting next to a sign that says "Anna's Bridal Shower."

Image credit: Keri Calabrese

“We're seeing a complete curation of every detail, from the location to the invite, menu to cocktails, dress code to games, “ says Kristine. “Each and every element is selected to be on-theme and with the bride in mind. Most importantly, these celebrations are favoring the bride's personality above all.” Meg & Cait are also noticing highly curated and personalized events, explaining, “People are really ‘branding’ their events. From invites to bar signs, everything is cohesive and matching!”

Signage of the times

An arched sign that says "Welcome to the bridal shower of Gwendolyn."

Image credit: Blush & Lumber

“We are definitely seeing people getting more creative with signage,” Meg & Cait. “Whether that is creating a fun seating chart or a favor wall, people are making them larger and more impactful.”

Go big (and bright!)

A woman cutting a cake decorated with slices of colorful citrus fruits. There are large pink and orange floral arrangements surrounding her.

Image credit: @momentsandmemoriesmelb

“In 2023, you can expect more color, bubbles, over-the-top decor, seated meals and even attire suggestions for bridal showers,” says Kristine. “Celebrations in all of the hues are taking over and the white/cream/champagne all-neutral trend (although we consider it a classic) is fading out for a beat. Brides are choosing cheery colors and a bright palette to balance out the blush and bashful–think hot pink, coral and yellow. Florals and pattern play are a big part in that design direction. From balloon arches to bouquet bars, fun tablecloths to pink punch, we're seeing playful decor and ultra-girly style at these fêtes.”

But, keep it intimate

A low-to-the-ground table set with flowers and tea cups.

Image credit: @katsaenzproductions

“Just because we're seeing gals going big on the decor, that doesn't mean these blowouts are high on the guest count,” Kristine says. “We've seen showers trending more intimate, with smaller guest lists, making it easier to go big on the deets and even choose a cool locale. The experience is everything.”

Experiential is in

A build-your-own bouquet bar.

Image credit: @bar_fiore_flowercity

“At bridal showers, it's not all about tea sandwiches and opening gifts. Anything experiential is the way to go,” says Kristine. “First, choose an activity to do with friends that doubles as a favor: build a bouquet, decorate a cake, make an infused olive oil or the like. Then, opt for a bridal shower activity that will leave the couple with some goodies to take into marriage: a date night idea jar, recipe cards for two or simply advice for the couple. We also love a good game, and one or two at a shower is a fun tradition to carry on. But, the games don't have to be cheesy. Some favorite bridal shower games we have are: Draw the Dress (guests have to sketch the gown they imagine the bride will be wearing), Wed Lib (a silly, wedding-themed fill-in-the-blank game) and What Did the Future Spouse Say? (a way to involve her fiancé/finacée with some cheeky trivia).” 

Julia agrees fun activities make for a memorable shower. “When it comes to bridal shower activities,” she explains, “I love a flower crown-making station.” Julia also highlights how bridal showers can be centered around one main activity. “I also love a reverse trousseau party,” she says. “A trousseau, historically, is a trunk of goods a bride enters the marriage with. Since we don’t really do this anymore, the object of the party is to fill the bride’s trunk with goodies. I’ve done different iterations: some are more focused on stuffing it full of linens/bedding or beautiful things for your home and others are focused on lingerie and sleepwear that the bride sometimes tries on for a good laugh amongst close friends.”

Locations can be upscale or relaxed

A table decorated with lots of greenery on a rooftop overlooking a cityscape.

Image credit: @515photoco via @museeventco

“We're seeing a great mix of at-home showers, chic resto-venues and destination celebrations in 2023,” says Kristine. “Showers have gone from sitting rooms to outdoors: poolside, on verandahs and even to the rooftop. Some opt for private rooms at top restaurants or rented Airbnbs that are great for entertaining. The venues vary for these celebrations, so hosts should consider budget, guest count, space and style when choosing a locale.” Meg & Cait have also been noticing a mix of venues, explaining, “We see bridal showers being hosted at country clubs, personal homes, etc.” However, they’re not so sure about destination showers: “We think the idea is really fun, however we think most people opt for keeping them local since they receive plenty of gifts that they need to get back home!”

For more bridal shower and wedding inspo, check out Kristine, Meg & Cait and Julia’s work!

Simply Charming Socials (Kristine) in Atlanta, GA: Instagram | Website

WOVEN & REVEL (Meg & Cait) in Orlando, FL: Instagram | Website

Julia Lake Parties (Julia) in Los Angeles, CA: Instagram | Website

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