Halloween costume ideas: The 2021 edit

Illustrations of people dressed up in trendy Halloween costumes for 2021.

2020 had some interesting Halloween trends (Tiger King and toilet paper come to mind) and most of us we're at home anyway, so we’re really looking forward to Halloween 2021! From Bridgerton to TikTok, there are tons of new Halloween party and costume ideas to consider this year. Here are a few that have us under their spell—so have fun and be safe.

Illustration of costume pieces from TV shows.

We all stream for Halloween

TV shows and movies are great sources for party themes, and this year is filled with fantastic options. Some that made our watchlist:

  • WandaVision. We love a good Marvel moment, and this show offers up some super ideas! Encourage guests to reference different decades/television tropes with their outfits (how fun would a grayscale look be?) and see who opts to be the meme of Agatha winking.
  • Bridgerton. Are you yearning for season 2 already? Throw a Regency-inspired party! Pastel frocks (unless you’re a Featherington, in which case go bold!), rosebud hair accessories, lace gloves and dazzling costume jewelry evoke the mood of the era. Delicious finger foods served on floral dinnerware, champagne, doilies, candles and bouquets of fresh flowers complete the scene. Lady Whistledown herself wouldn’t have a bad word to say about this party.
  • Ted Lasso. We can’t think of an easier costume. Layer a V-neck sweater (or zip-up jacket) over a button-down shirt, invest in a good fake mustache and coach whistle. Bonus points if you bring a soccer ball and get a match going.
Illustration of costume pieces from TikTok.

Tok about a great idea

With endless trends to pull party inspo from, TikTok has to be on our shortlist of party themes! A few we’re loving:

  • #BamaRush. All your guests have to do is curl their hair, tell everyone all about their outfit (brands, which stores each piece came from) and do their best to impress so they can receive a bid to join their dream sorority. Consider awarding a Kendra Scott bracelet to the most convincing Bama Rush participant.
  • #TellMeWithoutTellingMe. Have your guests dress and act in a way that reveals something about themselves—without them actually saying it. For example: Tell me you’re a Scorpio without telling me. If you’re looking for a theme that’s guaranteed to result in conversation, this is it.
  • #SeaShanty. Thanks to @nathanevanss, the classic sea shanty made a huge comeback this year. The costume for this is simple: an extra cozy sweater, beanie, peacoat and optional beard. Basically, anything nautical is welcome here! At the party, offer up hardtack biscuits and salt pork (or a nice charcuterie board), put on some sea shanties and get everyone to sing along after the rum is served.
Illustration of costume pieces from festivals.

The festival is yet to come

2021 saw the cancellation of many festivals around the world. However, that means it’s a great time to host a mini version in your backyard! Here are two we’d want tickets for:

  • Your ideal music festival. Could a real musical festival feature Jimi Hendrix and Radiohead in the same lineup? No. Can your own festival-themed party? YES. Tell your guests to dress in their favorite festival gear, post your playlist in the invitation and offer plenty of (not overpriced) al fresco bites and drinks.
  • Oktoberfest. Bring Bavaria to you and your guests with a selection of Oktoberfest brews, brats and brezeln (aka pretzels). Lederhosen and dirndl dresses are the go-to outfits for this festival, and white and blue decor is recommended for an authentic touch. Prost!
Illustration of bagged candy and kid's cape for Halloween.

Ideas for the little ones

Many of the above ideas are great for revelers of every age. However, there are two 2021 Halloween party themes we think the kids will be extra excited for:

  • Superheroes. Okay, this is definitely a popular option for adults too. But with the abundance and diversity of superhero movies and shows out right now, it’s going to be especially popular for kids this year. We recommend keeping the theme broad so that everyone can choose to dress up as their favorite!
  • Candy scavenger hunt. This was a popular alternative to trick-or-treating in 2020, but we can see it becoming a new tradition. Buy a bag or two of candy, a few full-size treats and some small toys. Hide them around your yard or home, keep any pets away from the area and then let the kids set off to add the goodies to their treat bags. So easy!

Ready to plan your party? Explore our Halloween invitations to get going on your Halloween get-together!

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