Group costume ideas that are #SquadGhouls

If you're someone who loves their costumes, then we've got something even better for you. Say it with us: group costumes. Whether it's Halloween or you're going to a costume party, you and your closest people will have the best time getting into character with these costume ideas.

Ideas for (but not limited to) all-adult groups

Schitt’s Creek

Though this show has ended, our love for it goes on. This is a great choice for a group costume because 1. You can re-wear the styles afterward, and 2. There are tons of characters and looks to choose from:

  • Moira and David: ultra-trendy threads in black and white.
  • Johnny: suit sans tie, and eyebrows (the eyebrows are very important here).
  • Alexis: boho-inspired dress, large hat and gold jewelry.
  • Ted: surgical scrubs and a real or plush dog.
  • Stevie: button-down plaid shirt and jeans.
  • Jocelyn: painterly kitten-print sweatshirt or Poison band tee with questionable hair.
  • Roland: same as Stevie but with a mullet and baseball cap.

Britney Spears’ greatest moments

There’s only one Britney Jean Spears, but with the number of memorable looks she’s given us over the years, it’s easy to create a group tribute to her. We’re talking about a woman who made pink maribou hair accessories, Burmese pythons and denim gowns iconic! You can choose a single album of hers to represent, go for matching looks from one of her more classic music videos like "Baby One More Time" or choose to recreate a variety of looks from her career.

British TV inspiration

British telly offers an abundance of personalities to portray as a group. Transform into the judges from The Great British Bake Off by carrying around delicious baked goods and flexing your innuendo skills.  Other brilliant options to consider are “Good Omens," “Bridgerton," “The Crown," “RuPaul’s Drag Race UK” and “Doctor Who." Want a warm outfit? You’re in luck—overcoats and mysterious backstories are the backbones of nearly every crime drama.

James Bond

Group Bond-ing, anyone? A quintessential Bond ensemble consists of a suit and martini, shaken, not stirred. While each of you could go as a version of Bond, the villains and women from the franchise arguably have the most interesting looks to replicate (May Day, Vesper Lynd, Blofeld and Oddjob come to mind).

The Drake Certified Lover Boy meme

Could a group costume be any easier (or more comfortable)? The key to achieving this look is for everyone to wear a different solid-color shirt. After that, your imagination can take over. Just add something to the fronts of your tees—leaves from your favorite plants, your go-to orders from the coffee shop—and watch as people recognize the inspiration.

Ideas for the family

The Addams Family

Did you know that the Addams Family debuted in 1938? This creepy, kooky, mysterious and spooky family has enchanted generations of people, making it one of the best family costumes imaginable. Every character has its own distinctive look, and there are so many to choose from. Even the more secondary characters like Cousin Itt, Thing, Debbie and baby Pubert are worthy personas to consider.

Space exploration

Don’t have $30 million for a space trip? No worries, you and your family can opt for a more down-to-earth version with your costumes! The kids will likely clamor to be astronauts or extraterrestrial beings, but there are also stars, the moon, constellations, the sun and other planets to add to your galactic group. If someone in your group is in a stroller, wagon or wheelchair, they can transform it into a Mars rover, spaceship or flying saucer. Long story short, we’ve over the moon about this theme!

LEGO bricks

Love a DIY costume? This one is super easy and only calls for a few large boxes, large paper or plastic cups, glue, scissors and paint.

  • Start by cutting the rims of the cups off so that the cups are only 2-3” tall (they’ll be the raised studs of the brick).
  • Remove the bottom of the box, then cut holes for the arms and head in the logical spots.
  • Glue the cups to the box to mimic the layout of a plastic brick, then paint everything one solid color.

That’s it! Want to add a little humor to it? Have one person in your group dress up as a foot with a brick imprint showing.

Role reversal

The concept is simple: everyone in the family swaps their usual looks with each other! You get to enjoy dino print tees, cute ruffled dresses and slime while the kiddos rock a suit and Target shopping list. We love that every family’s role reversal will look different.

Jurassic Park

It’s DINOSAURS. And Jeff Goldblum. Who doesn’t love dinosaurs and Jeff Goldblum? That’s really all you need for this—dino costumes and someone bringing common sense to the moment in an all-black outfit and thick-rimmed glasses.

Want to plan a party around one of these ideas? Explore our Halloween invitations and make it happen!

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