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Give your fall parties a glow up with these 24 party ideas

Multiple images from different fall parties.

Summer may be over, but the fun is just getting started. Yup, that’s right: fall is HERE which means it’s officially time to plan your fall parties! While fall is definitely the best season for a wholesome, cozy gathering, it’s still important to keep things fresh and exciting if you want to give your guests a memorable time. That’s why we put together this list of Gen Z fall party ideas to help you (pumpkin) spice up your fall parties this season.

Ideas include: a soup-centric bash, an Olivia Rodrigo-inspired party and a RIP to summer gathering. If you’re here for the creativity and chaos, then read on.

Top 24 party ideas

1. Soup party

Lean into those comfy fall vibes by throwing a party centered around the coziest dish of all: soup! Make a giant vat of your fave soup or opt for a potluck-style gathering by asking each guest to bring their favorite hug in a bowl.

Many bowls of soup.

2. Bring your own board party

Charcuterie boards have really been popping off in the past few years. Spruce up your typical charcuterie night by asking guests to bring their own board. Remember to get creative with it! In addition to a classic cheese board, think fruit boards, veggie boards, dessert boards—there really are no boundaries when it comes to board-ifying your favorite snack.

3. Pajama party

It’s finally getting cold again which means it’s time to don your favorite PJs by hosting a pajama party! Everyone can agree that parties are way more fun when you’re dressed comfortably, so give everyone the chance to achieve party perfection by turning up in their cutest sleepwear.

Girls at a pajama party throwing pillows.

4. Taylor Swift Eras party

If you’re having post-Eras Tour withdrawal, fear(less) not! You can still get another use out of that perfectly curated concert outfit by hosting an Eras party! Gather your besties, blast Taylor Swift over the loudest speaker you can get your hands on and sing your Swiftie heart out. 

5. Murder mystery party

It’s spooky szn, after all, so get into that scary state of mind with a murder mystery party. The easiest way to pull one off is by purchasing a kit like this one from Amazon. Most kits come with all the clues, props and info you’ll need to successfully throw your party. 

6. Twilight party

Picture this: the year is 2008, it’s constantly raining and you live in a town full of vampires and werewolves. Throw on your favorite henley shirt, boot-cut jeans and earth-toned flannel for the ultimate Bella Swan vibe and get your friends together to party Forks, WA-style. You can even play a little game of baseball like in that one random scene in the first movie (you know the one). The possibilities are truly endless.

7. Classic bonfire

There is nothing cozier than huddling around a bonfire with your besties. Get your friends together for a classic bonfire, either at the beach or in a backyard. Make sure to stock up on marshmallows, hot dogs and any other roastable goodies!

8. Pizza and painting party

Order some pizzas, prep some painting supplies and voila! You’ve got yourself a night to remember. You can even pick a theme to help guide everyone’s painting or just freestyle it if you’ve got a particularly crafty group. 

9. Oktoberfest bash

Beer, brats and pretzels—what more could you need? Turn your backyard into a biergarten and invite everyone over for a brewtiful time. 

A woman at Oktoberfest holding up a pint of beer.

10. GUTS party

Olivia Rodrigo blessed us with her sophomore album GUTS this September and we’re obsessed. We don’t know everything, but we do know having your friends over for a GUTS party is *not* a bad idea. Wear your best O. Rod.-inspired outfit and get ready to spill your guts and party your heart out.

11. Pink Friday 2 party

Barbz, it’s almost here. Pink Friday 2 comes out November 17th and we think a release party is absolutely in order. Prep pink food, plan the perfect pink fit, decorate with pink decor—throw a party Ms. Minaj would be proud of.

12. 90s grunge 

The 90s are back, not that they ever really went away. There’s something about 90s grunge that feels particularly fitting for fall—maybe it’s the oversized jeans and flannels? Regardless, get your friends to come over for a 90s grunge party and see who pulls up in the best Nirvanacore outfit. 

13. Ugly fall sweaters

You’ve heard of the ugly Christmas sweater party, but let us introduce you to its lesser known cousin: the ugly fall sweater party! We’ve all purchased at least one endearingly ugly grandpa sweater from our local thrift store, so give your guests the opportunity to don theirs with this cozy and quirky party idea.

14. TV show-themed party

Pick your favorite show and get all your friends to pull up in their best themed outfit. Have everyone either pick a character to dress up as or come in an outfit that fits the show’s vibes. There were a couple shining stars in the TV world this year, so these are our recs: 

  • Wednesday
  • For the dress code, braids and black clothing. For the decor, decorate your house Addams family-style with plenty of candles and eerie, gothic decor. Oh, and no smiling allowed.
  • Yellowstone 
  • Dress in your best homestead-chic apparel. If you’d wear it on a ranch, you’re doing something right.
  • Bridgerton
  • Gowns and wigs for clothes. Decor-wise, if you can make your guests feel like they're at a 19th century ball, you’re slaying this theme. Bonus points if you can actually make people waltz.
  • Love Island
  • Have everyone dress like they’re a Love Island personality getting ready for a recoupling (i.e. bodycon dresses, high heels and sequinned everything). Oh, and might we suggest DIY-ing mic packs to wrap around guests’ waists for full villa vibes? The quintessentially Love Island gold, plastic champagne flutes are also a must.

15. Haunted Mansion party

The new Haunted Mansion came out this year, so naturally, we had to suggest a Haunted Mansion-themed party. Fall is spooky szn after all, so anything haunted is absolutely appropriate. Set up spooky decor and have everyone dress as their favorite character.

16. Cake-decorating party

Okay, okay, we really cracked the code on this one. Fact 1: No one likes a boring party. Fact 2: Everyone likes cake. So, give everyone something fun to do and something fun to eat by hosting a cake-decorating party! You’re welcome.

A woman decorating a cake with pink frosting.

17. Indoor picnic

While the weather outside isn’t frightful just yet, it’s definitely not exactly outdoor picnic weather anymore, either. Introducing a fall party planner’s best friend: the indoor picnic! Toss out your favorite picnic blankets in your living room, throw some pillows on top and prep an autumnal picnic spread to be enjoyed from the comfort (and warmth) of your own home!

18. Hippie Halloween

Peace, love and all that good stuff. The hippie aesthetic is super in this year and we are here for it. We’re seeing a resurgence of mushroom patterns, peace signs and smiley faces, so make sure to channel those 1970’s good vibes with a hippie Halloween party. Think Woodstock, Grateful Dead, flowy skirts and flowers in your hair.

19. Wine tasting

Put the “wine” in “wine and dine” by hosting a wine tasting! Pop by your local wine store (or Walmart) and purchase an array of vino. Head home with your bounty, set up a snack table and invite your friends over for a bougie night of reds and whites.

20. Friendsgiving

Ah, yes, perhaps the most quintessential of fall parties: Friendsgiving. The friends, the food—it can’t be beat! Potluck-style is usually the best way to pull off a Friendsgiving, but don’t forget to check out Amelia Edmondson’s Friendsgiving guide for more hosting tips and tricks!

21. Game night

Speaking of classics, game nights are always a hit and the perfect way to keep guests entertained without having to venture out into the chilly fall weather. Whether it’s Scrabble, charades or Cards Against Humanity, game nights are always a good time. Just don’t forget to prep a fully stocked snack table and drink corner.

22. RIP to summer party

Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened. Jk, you can cry. Get your friends together for a party in honor of summer’s end. Wear all black, put out boxes of tissues and reminisce about all the good times with an RIP to summer party.

23. Backyard movie night

Depending on your location, a backyard movie night might still be in the cards for you even once summer’s ended. If that’s the case, you’re winning at life. Take advantage of your city’s mild climate by setting up a projector like this one in your backyard and arranging plenty of cozy, pillow-filled seating areas for guests to snuggle up in. Popcorn is a must, ditto for candy.

A backyard set up with a projector for a movie night.

24. Cookbook club party

Move over, book club, the cookbook club is all the rage this year. How it works: choose a cookbook and have everyone in your cookbook club come over with a different dish from that cookbook. It’s kind of like a potluck, but with more certainty that all the dishes will be cohesive.

Recipes that ~serve~

Mulled wine

A hot and flavorful wine concoction that makes your kitchen smell nice too—what’s not to love? Simmer wine, brandy, orange slices, sugar and some autumnal spices in a saucepan for 15 mins and suddenly you’ve got yourself a cozy and crowd-pleasing big-batch beverage.

Mulled wine in a saucepan.

Apple "nachos"

Okay, picture this: a plate of sliced apples covered in caramel, candy and other fun toppings. Like nachos, but fall-ified.

Baked s’mores dip

All you need is chocolate, marshmallows and graham crackers for this one. Place chocolate in an oven-safe dish, top with marshmallows and bake until golden brown. Then, dip graham crackers into your s’mores “dip.”

Spooky charcuterie

Grab a board like this bat one or this pumpkin one, Halloween-themed cocktail forks like these ones, some slightly spooky cheese knives and assemble your charcuterie ingredients. Go the extra mile by featuring lots of orange and black foods like cheddar cheese and dark chocolate pretzels!

A Halloween-themed charcuterie board.

Pumpkin-shaped baked brie 

Wrap a wheel of brie in puff pastry dough, then tie cooking twine around your doughy bundle to give it those pumpkin-esque segments. Bake until golden brown, add a breadstick “stem” and, just like that, you’ve got Halloween snack perfection.

Stuffed pepper Jack-o’-lanterns

Carve bell peppers like you would carve a pumpkin, then stuff with your favorite ingredients. Bake, serve and prepare yourself for lots of compliments.

PSL espresso martinis

Two of the world’s greatest beverages combine in this magnificent, fever dream of a cocktail. Basically, just use your typical espresso martini recipe, but swap the simple syrup for pumpkin spice syrup. And if you’re feeling extra, garnish with a light dusting of pumpkin pie spice and a couple espresso beans on top.

A pumpkin spice espresso martini.

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Two fall party invitations.

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