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Evite Donations—raise money for any cause

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Turn any event into the opportunity to give back to the people and causes you care most about with Evite Donations™.

Popular for milestone events, Evite Donations allows children and adults alike to make an impact on the world by collecting meaningful dollars in lieu of gifts. Plus, it’s a simple way to get guests engaged in a cause that matters to you and be part of your event even when they can’t attend.

In a few simple steps, hosts can invite guests to donate to a nonprofit or personal cause directly through their Evite invitation—whether it’s a virtual, distanced, or in-person event.

Our users have raised $39 million and counting for causes around the world; here’s how to join us in raising the next million.

How to raise funds with Evite Donations

1. Choose an invitation and turn on donations

Start by browsing invitations for your event as usual. Turn on donations on any invitation by selecting “Donation Options” when inputting event details.

2. Determine your cause

There are two ways to raise. 100% of guest donations go directly to the cause; Evite never takes a fee.

Donate to a nonprofit: Choose from nearly 2 million nonprofit organizations in our system, or request to add any verified nonprofit. You can raise money for animal causes, medical research, disaster relief, or any cause close to heart.

Crowdfund for a personal cause: Invite guests to support you in the next chapter of your life by creating college funds, medical funds, honeymoon-funds and more, and accept donations in lieu of gifts.

3. Set a goal

Based on 100,000+ events enabling donations, we’ve found that campaigns are more successful when the host adds a fundraising goal. Guests will be able to see a tracker on the invitation displaying the donations progress.

4. Invite guests to your event

Send your invitation via text, email, or shareable link, so guests can start donating directly through your invitation from wherever they are, regardless of RSVP status.

5. Send thank you cards

After your event is over, send one of our beautiful thank you cards to thank your donors for their support!

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