Best gifts for the Sagittarius in your Life

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A Sagittarius loves an adventure, so naturally, shopping for one can turn into quite the quest. Here are our best gift ideas for the Sagittarius in your life.

Something with good vibes and meaning

Given how sociable and adventurous they are, it’s no surprise that Sags love to preserve memories of those good times. Help them out by gifting them a FUJIFILM instax mini camera or a unique hanging photo display. And don’t forget—Sagittarius season also coincides with the end of fall, so a plush bathrobe is sure to be appreciated.

Something bright or purple

Purple is their lucky color, but bright colors play up to their generally happy and energetic mood. This eyeshadow palette from Urban Decay offers up both color directions, while this thermal nail polish from Cirque Colors is sure to be a conversation starter (something the convivial Sag will welcome with open arms).

Something that screams, “I’m a Sagittarius!”

No, not a bow and arrow set (though that would go well with our next idea on the list). But a journal, stemless wine glass, necklace, ALEX AND ANI bracelet, coloring book or candle with their zodiac sign. A book about their sign is also a great option!

Something for an outdoor adventure

Camping, hiking, biking—if they’re a Sagittarius, they’re probably into one or more of these activities. Celebrate their love for the great outdoors with a thermal bottle, Hydro Flask water bottle, portable hammock, hiking journal, YETI wine tumbler or giftable engraved compass.

Something for when they’re on the go

You can always count on your Sag friend to have some travel plans on the horizon. A convertible crossbody wallet from Timberland is a great gift even if they’re only going one ZIP Code over, while a multi-purpose travel passport holder is perfect for their next big trip. Other ideas to consider: a silk eye mask for the plane, travel-size facial spray set from Mario Badescu for the hotel or portable charger for, well, anywhere.  

Something funny

Want to laugh? Make friends with a Sagittarius! They have a great sense of humor, so return the laughs with a hilarious gift. Some of our faves include Shakespearean Insult Bandages, a Public Toilet Survival Kit (very helpful for when they’re traveling), a dachshund-shaped wine corkscrew, a “MANATEA” Tea Infuser and an exceptionally useful mug we could all use in the morning.

Something that brings out their social side

If there’s one thing a Sag is amazing at, it’s their ability to socialize. With all the plans they make, a chic monthly planner is a must. And it goes without saying that they’re always on their phone, so a trendy phone wrist strap could be just what they need. What else are they good at? Being VERY honest! A card game like The Have You Ever? Game or The Voting Game (both about learning more about their friends) should appeal to them. Party games that encourage their sense of adventure, like the travel-influenced Backpacker card game or the problem-solving Taskmaster: 200 Extraordinary Tasks for Ordinary People book, make for thoughtful-yet-fun gifts. Of course, if they’re more into exploring new cocktails to try, you can opt for a book on mixology.

And there you have it! No matter what gift you choose to give to your Sagittarius friend, remember that your friendship is the greatest gift of all. Don’t forget to send them a card for their special day!

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