Best gifts for the Leo in your life

Lively, loyal and a lot of fun to be around, Leos are party animals who love being the center of attention. Show them you pay attention with a gift that celebrates their vivacious nature!

Something with flair & theatrics

Fact: Leos are dramatic. They want to stand out, and they’re darn good at it.

Rose Gold Mirror Wine Glass Set: Leos are hardly averse to gazing at their reflection, so this rosy, mirrored wine glass set will become their go-to.

Balderdash Board Game: Leos are also super imaginative, and with their flair for dramatics, this classic bluffing game is sure to be enjoyed.

Mode Parisienne: A Fashion Coloring Book: Leos love fashion, and this Parisian fashion coloring book is both a fun creative outlet for them and chic enough to leave out for others to admire.

Portable Bluetooth Karaoke Machine: While Leos don’t always want to share the spotlight, this karaoke machine comes with two mics, so their lucky backup singer can accompany them properly.

Hollywood Vanity Mirror: Yep, another mirror! This one comes with various light settings so your Leo can get their look just right.

Miu Miu Overlapping Sunglasses: Miu Miu’s shades are beloved by fashionistas thanks to their eye-catching (ha!) frames.

Urban Decay Naked Honey Eyeshadow Palette: Gold tones are a favorite amongst Leos (anything that makes them shine is always appreciated).

Something to encourage their leadership skills

They’re naturally drawn to taking command of a situation. Any situation.

“Maybe You Should Talk to Someone: A Workbook”: Leos are fantastic and enthusiastic leaders, but not the greatest at taking advice sometimes. This workbook can help them help themselves to become even better at what they do.

Multifunctional Compass & Clinometer: If you’re going on an outdoor adventure with Leo, they’ll probably be the one in charge. This multipurpose compass ensures that they’ll lead you all well.

“Great Women's Speeches: Empowering Voices that Engage and Inspire”: Beautifully illustrated by Camila Pinheiro and featuring a diverse collection of speeches, this is bound to inspire your Leo.

Air Horn & Applause Button: They live for the applause, and this button means the rest of you can take a break from cheering them on. Plus…air horn sounds!

Rose Gold Glitter Case Set for MacBook Air®: No way is a Leo going to risk their work laptop getting damaged, but that doesn’t mean they’ll settle for a boring cover.

3-Piece Leopard Print Luggage Set: For the Leo that travels for work, a luggage set that stands out on the baggage carousel so they can grab it right away is a smart choice.

“Betsey: A Memoir”: Of course legendary designer Betsey Johnson is a Leo! Her autobiography details how she started her business from scratch and became the global icon she is today. She’s the epitome of #LeoGoals!

Something for their mane attraction

They probably won the “Best Hair” award in high school, and they’re keen to maintain that rep.

Trendy hair accessories: Our faves? Crystal Hair Barrettes, 20-Pack Printed Criss Cross Headbands and these Tie Dye Sports Headbands.

22 Momme 100% Mulberry Silk Pillowcase: Silk pillowcases are lauded for their ability to reduce everyone’s least-favorite hair style, bedhead. 

Moroccanoil Magic of Hydration Set: The only thing a Leo wants tamed? Their tresses.

Mason Pearson Brush: This hairbrush is generally considered by stylists to be “the” hairbrush to own. If you’d rather go for something with a lower price tag but very high ratings, this Drybar Super Lemon Drop Detangling Hair Brush is it.

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer: Is this the big-ticket item of the list? For sure. But it will undoubtedly blow them away.

adidas Women’s Color Wash Bucket Hat: Everyone has bad hair days, Leos included. But this just offers them the opportunity to wear this very on-trend chapeau.

Something fit for a royalty

Just like their symbol, the lion, Leos are incredibly regal and love some luxe (or luxe-looking) possessions in their lives.

Brands that hold British Royal Warrants: For those of you who aren’t Anglophiles, a British Royal Warrant is essentially an official seal of approval from the British royal family. So these products just might be good enough for your royal Leo: Fortnum & Mason Famous Teas Set, Barbour Saltwater Sweatshirt, Bendicks Mint Collection, Nestlé Lion Chocolate Bar Set, Price’s Chef’s Candle, Walkers Shortbread Scottie Dogs, My BURBERRY Eau de Parfum or, if they’re 21+, Veuve Clicquot Champagne.

Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K: Every monarch needs a scepter, and we’re going to declare that an Amazon Fire TV Stick is much better than an ornamental stick. It certainly means your Leo can rule over all of the streaming apps!

Knight Pen Holder: If only King Arthur’s Round Table could see what they’ve been turned into.

Betsey Johnson Bumble Bee Bracelet: Heavens to Betsey (Johnson), this sparkling bracelet is a delightful choice for any queen bee.

Natori Shangri-La Robe: Made with an ultra-soft modal blend and with delicate lace trim, this luxe lightweight robe is lovely for summer.

Versus Versace Women’s Moscova Watch: It’s Versace. It features a gold lion. It’s Bold with a capital B. It’s perfect.

Something orange

Is it any surprise that this Sun-ruled sign views orange as their power color?

COACH Tiger Print Zip Wristlet: Animal prints + Leos = love at first sight.

Field Recordings Skins Orange Wine: We love rosé, but we think it’s time for orange wine to take off. If your Leo is 21+ and loves a drop of the vino, this will “wine” them over.

Burnt Orange & Gold Geo Print Velvet Pillow: This art deco-inspired pattern will be right at home with their other decor.

Revlon Kiss Me Coral Lipstick: This punchy orange-pink shade was a favorite of Marilyn Monroe! She wasn’t a Leo, but that’s okay because Leos and Geminis make great friends.

Pacifica Tuscan Blood Orange Rollerball Perfume: Okay, so in this case, the orange refers to the scent rather than color, but this luscious blood orange scent deserves a place in their collection.

PAPERAGE: Recycled Lined Journal Notebook: Notebooks are always great gifts, and we love that this one is favored by writers AND made with recycled materials.

Something for their sunny personality

They may be ruled by the Sun, but they love sharing that warmth with others (and shining even when no one else is watching).

Mid-Century Wooden Friendship Lamp Set: Near or far, a loyal Leo will love shining their light upon you.

Prince of Orange Philodendron Houseplant: This sun-loving (and easy to care for) plant will enjoy being cared for by its new Leo owner. And, it produced orange leaves!

Sunset Lamp: Insta-worthy lighting continues to be popular, and this sunset lamp is a major fave.

Sunburst Wall Accent Mirror: Another mirror! 

Ted Baker Hara Tiny Heart Pendant Necklace: Leos rule the heart, and this small-but-sweet rose gold-plated necklace goes with everything, including these matching earrings.

Cuisinart Electric Fondue Maker: Melted cheese or chocolate sounds like a great way to share warmth with others.

Something only a Leo can proudly own

You can probably tell who’s a Leo without them saying it, but they’ll still want to say it.

“Leo: Harness the Power of the Zodiac” Book: Gorgeous artwork and useful advice a Leo will enjoy.

ALEX AND ANI Leo Bangle Bracelet: This two-tone American-made bracelet is made for Leos. Literally.

Customizable Leo Zodiac Journal: There are a lot of Leos roaming around out there, so a personalized journal will make yours feel extra special.

Humorous Leo Soy Candle: This candle says it all.

Leo Constellation Coffee Mug: They can never have too many coffee mugs, right?

As you can tell, Leos looooove being the center of attention, so you know they’ll absolutely adore receiving a card from you on their special day!

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