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Best gifts for the Capricorn in your life

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Finding the perfect gift for a Capricorn can require a bit of work—but given that they are generally the hardest workers in the zodiac, it’s worth taking the time to celebrate their big day. Here are our best gift ideas for the Capricorn in your life.

Something to help them reach their goals

Workhorse, hard worker, workaholic, boss babe—whatever they call themselves, there’s no denying that Capricorns are the people you want on your team at work. 

Capricorns know that good organization is key to their success, so a daily planner, desk organizer/wireless mobile phone charger and to-do notebook planner are all things they’ll definitely use.

Time management is obviously important to a Capricorn. A sleek watch feeds their need to be punctual, while these Rubbermaid meal prep containers and this motivational water bottle both ensure they’ll still eat lunch and stay hydrated no matter how busy they get.

(And a minimalist photo display for their desk reminds them that there are other things besides work to enjoy!)

Something to encourage them to relax

While a Capricorn would probably scoff at the idea of being burned out, they do appreciate things that keep them calm and grounded. 

A candle with a woody scent like this Voluspa French Cade Lavender one is sure to be a favorite, along with an ultra-cozy Barefoot Dreams blanket (Capricorns love quality and it is winter). A book on yoga poses with detailed descriptions of the science behind yoga combines relaxation with their love of reading. And of course, there’s no better way to relax than with a soothing bath—bath salts from Ahava, an assortment of TONYMOLY sheet masks and this JBL waterproof wireless Bluetooth speaker create the detached atmosphere a Capricorn needs to take their mind off work.

Something that won’t go out of style

Capricorns love classic and practical items in their lives. Not for them the passing trends, but rather, objects that offer quality without being too flashy. 

Some of our faves include handcrafted-in-the-USA marble coasters, comfy-cozy adjustable house slippers from Vionic, a Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System to help them get their caffeine fix, a MakeUp Eraser and a wine aerator set.

Something that gives them a new hobby

Creative and interested in discovering new things, Capricorns might not have a lot of time to devote to finding a new hobby, which means this could be your chance to help them out! 

Film photography involves patience and a keen eye for detail, so get them started with a classic Holga camera and a copy of The Art of Photography: A Personal Approach to Artistic Expression. If they prefer to stay close to home, a garden tools kit, portable garden bench or cute sun hat are perfect for an afternoon out in the garden. Capricorns are known for being practical, making cooking a fantastic hobby to embrace. The New York Times Cooking No-Recipe Recipes book and a super useful kitchen scale make a great combo gift

Something down-to-earth

They are an earth sign, after all! If they don’t have the time or space to devote to a full garden, an AeroGarden is perfect for growing a mini harvest in-home. An Irish Moor Mud Mask from Peter Thomas Roth or 3-in-1 Detox Mud Mask from Honest Beauty are other ways to bring the outdoors in (and boost a Capricorn’s natural glow). Want to take it to the next level with an eco-friendly present? Consider this Ethique Hair Care Sampler or Project Eco21 Zero Waste Personal Care Gift Set.

Something to challenge their competitive side

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Capricorns enjoy taking on a challenge and succeeding at it, so a gift that supports their competitive side in a healthy way is bound to be a winner!

If they love playing Monopoly but don’t have much time to spare, Monopoly Deal is perfect since it has all the thrill of the original board game while being much quicker to complete. Capricorns are, however, famously patient. The game Go, believed to be the oldest board game continuously played to this day, features fairly simple rules to follow but offers a true challenge for its players. Some other great games to consider are Rubik’s Race, Rook or Bananagrams.

Something that celebrates being a Capricorn

Why wouldn’t a Capricorn want to proclaim their Capricorn-ness to the world (they are the GOAT, obvs!)? A straight-to-the-point coffee cup and small notebook are excellent additions to their daily routine, while this ceramic jewelry tray and 14K gold-dipped pendant necklace from Lucky Feather pair perfectly with each other. When they aren’t working (rare, but it does happen!), this stemless wine glass, humorous “Capricorn Facts” t-shirt and balsam + cedar-scented candle are sure to be appreciated.

So if you’re friends with a Capricorn, congratulate yourself because they likely wouldn't become friends with just anyone. Send them a card to let them know how much you appreciate them!

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