Best gifts for the Cancerian in your life

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Big-hearted, loyal and intuitive, a Cancer might act like they don’t care if you forget their birthday, but they definitely do (as they should). Here are our top gift picks from Amazon for the most sensitive sign of the zodiac.

Something to fuel their creativity

Cancers are highly imaginative and love to dabble in all the arts.

Deluxe Art Set: There are tons of art kits out there, but this one is a standout thanks to its practical goes-with-anything wooden box design and abundance of supplies.

Vegan Leather Moon Journal: Maybe writing’s where they shine? If nothing else, they can pour their many feelings into this minimalist moon-embossed (the moon’s their ruling planet) journal.

Bose Noise-Cancelling Wireless Headphones: A bit of a splurge, but well worth it because introverted Cancers love getting lost in the music.

Bluetooth Record Player: Cancerians are fond of nostalgia, and while this turntable isn’t the most old-timey of the bunch, the excellent reviews make up for it.

SPICEWALLA Taco Seasoning 3-Pack: We wouldn’t dream of ignoring the culinary arts! Cancers aren’t the most experimental chefs, but they love a delicious dish.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam Palette: When we said all the arts, we meant it. Cancers tend to love using neutral shades to enhance their natural beauty, and we love that this eyeshadow palette offers that AND some shimmer to add a little extra dazzle.

Something for the home

FACT: Cancers are classic homebodies.

Homesick Premium Scented Candle in Beach Cottage: Homesick offers a range of scented candles to transport your Cancer to their locale of choice. Which is probably a beach cottage in their case.

Crock-Pot Slow Cooker: Like their sign, the crab, Cancerians are hard on the outside but soft on the inside. This durable slow cooker (Cancers are patient) turns any meat or veg into a mouthwatering, tender meal.

4x6 Picture Frame: Available in their power color of silver (more on that later), this unique frame can be hung up or displayed on their desk.

Vinyl Record Display Frame: Remember Cancers and nostalgia (hope so, we just mentioned it in the section above)? They can display their fave record with this sleek frame.

Vintage Advertising Poster: Everyone loves a classic wine poster, amirite? Choose from a selection of top tipples, or check out this nifty Vintage Wine Bottle Tools Patent Prints Set.

Hanging Moon Decor: Macrame + tiny lights = dreamy.

Something comforting

Like their Piscean pals, Cancers are known to be emotionally sensitive and could use some extra self-care.

Cooling Weighted Blanket: NY Mag loves this summer-friendly weighted blanket, so your Cancerian pal should too.

“Pamela Salzman’s Quicker Than Quick” Cookbook: Cancers can’t get enough of comfort foods, and this cookbook offers up to 140 healthy comfort food recipes. Another food fact about Cancers? They're big fans of desserts.

Demdaco Giving Heart Pillow: Crafted with soft yarn and weighted to feel like a hug, this heart-shaped pillow is a thoughtful way to let them know they’re always loved. Many reviewers also mention that this pillow is helpful for people recovering from surgery.

New Moon Botanical Bath Soak: Back on the moon theme! Few things are as calming as a leisurely bath, and this bath soak is unique in that you brew it beforehand (like tea) and then infuse the bathwater with it. No mess to clean up afterward!

Long Lightweight Knit Robe: Pockets, dozens of colors/prints and lightweight enough for summer? Yes, please.

Hatch Restore Sound Machine & Alarm Clock: Not only does this device promise to help lull you to sleep, but it also gently wakes you up. Your calm-craving Cancerian is sure to be pleased by all of this.

Something to bring the ocean to them

They’re a water sign with a crab as their symbol. So of course they’re nautical by nature.

AHAVA Dead Sea Salt Scrub: Technically, not from the ocean, but it’s got the right idea (and it's super gentle on the skin).

Hair Claw Clips: They’re baaa-aack! To say they resemble a crab is a bit of stretch, but chances are, your Cancerian will be pleased this doesn’t look like an actual crustacean. 

Ocean Wave Light Projector: Unique home lighting has become a big thing, and this ocean wave projector comes with a selection of nature sounds for the ultimate in tranquil home light shows.

The Book of Sea Shanties: Thanks to Nathan Evans’ TikTok account, sea shanties are once again a popular musical genre. This book (written by Nathan himself) features 35 shanties along with their meanings. 

Crab Wine Corkscrew: This multifunctional bar tool promises to facilitate a “clawesome good time.” We believe it.

Sea Glass Sterling Silver Earrings: Made from reclaimed, recycled and/or repurposed cultured sea glass, these minimalist earrings still make quite a style statement. 

Something silver

Cancers are ruled by the moon, so a peaceful shade of silvery-grey helps to boost their intuition.

Sterling Silver Polished Heart Locket: Cancers rule over the chest AND can be secretive. 

"Dark City: The Lost World of Film Noir": Transport your secretive Cancerian back to the golden age of the silver screen (yep, that’s the silver connection here) with this book by noted film noir-expert Eddie Muller.

Angled Silver Stemless Wine Glass Set: They love entertaining their close circle of friends, and this modern set of 6 wine glasses can help them do just that.

18-Piece Stainless Steel Cocktail Shaker Set: See above for the reason why.

DKNY Silver Avia Camera Bag: It’s the perfect size bag for those times they actually do go out to socialize.

Silver Chrome Fountain Pen Set: More nostalgia! And it’s useful.

Something that turns their “weaknesses” into strengths

Cancerians are oftentimes referred to as moody, suspicious and clingy. But those traits can also serve them quite well with the right gift.

Minimalist Mood Ring: Never guess what mood they’re in again with this grown-up version of a childhood classic.

Numi Organic Tea by Mood Gift Set: Yeah, so what if they’re moody? It just means they’ll use (and enjoy) this entire gift set of tea.

4” Philodendron Micans Plant: This little vining houseplant boasts velvety-soft leaves, gorgeous ruby-orange hues in the light and easy care. Your Cancer’s nurturing, borderline clingy side will enjoy watching this one grow! (This planter also matches it perfectly.)

Magnetic Sculpture Building Pen: This magnetic boredom-relieving pen comes apart so they can create tiny metal sculptures. So it’s both literally clingy and needs someone who takes care of their possessions to own it. Otherwise, those pieces will wander off.

Death at the Dive Bar Murder Mystery Game: The naturally intuitive (and somewhat suspicious) Cancer will be up to the challenge of solving this case. But if they want the real classic when it comes to crime-solving games, there’s always the Retro Series Clue 1986 Edition Game.

Ring Video Doorbell: Speaking of being suspicious (or careful as we like to say), if they don’t already have one of these, they’ll be happy to now have one.

Something only a Cancerian can proudly own

They wear their hearts on their sleeves—and if you gift them the first thing from this section, they can also wear a tiny crustacean around their neck.

Kate Spade New York Cancer Pendant Necklace: It’s not silver, but it’s still sweet thanks to a tiny, embossed crab.

Cancer Zodiac Notebook: The cover spells out everything one should know about a Cancer.

ALEX AND ANI Zodiac Expandable Bangle: Maybe they don’t love their crab sign. Maybe they prefer their constellation. Voilà.

Color Changing Mug: Who wouldn’t want one of these? It’s cool (except when it’s hot, and then a Cancerian message appears).

Zodiac Crystal Gift Set: This set of 6 crystals just might offer them a little extra balance in their life.

Cancer Coloring Book: Goes well with the art kit in the first section on this list, no?

Cancers have a heart of gold and will go out of their way to let them know how much they love you. Return their feelings—send them a thoughtful card for their special day!

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