Best gifts for the Aquarius in your life

Visionary, non-conformist and amazing at hosting casual parties you definitely want an invitation to, your Aquarius friends are among the most fun to shop for thanks to their love of all things unique and interesting. Here are our best gift ideas for the Aquarius in your life.

Something a breezy water bearer will love

Symbolized by the water bearer, you’d think that an Aquarius would be all about the H₂O, but they are actually the last air sign of the zodiac. This just means you have even more gifting options! Some cute (and super easy to care for) air plants are perfect for these unconventional folks, while an air purifier totally embraces their love of technology. To honor their water bearer side, a LANEIGE Water Sleeping Mask, handcrafted-in-the-USA bath bombs or self-cleaning LARQ water bottle will ensure that they apply the same nurturing care to themselves as they do others. 

Something innovative & scientific

Innovation and an Aquarius go together like a cake and a birthday party. This Bluetooth speaker from Bose, Bluetooth beanie with pompom and oh-so-useful Bluetooth tracker are bound to be adored by this free-spirited sign (after all, no free-spirit wants a lot of wires to get tangled up in). With all of the good deeds they perform, a restful night’s sleep is essential to an Aquarius, so this Hatch sleep system is perfect for them. Also perfect—a rechargeable hand warmer to help them get through the coldest winter days.

Something unique & eye-catching 

“Basic” simply isn’t a word in an Aquarius’ vocabulary. Decor to fashion to hobbies, they thrive on expressing themselves in non-traditional ways. A bold art print, modern glass pitcher, clock from Sharper Image, whimsical planter, celestial photo display, ceramic arm vase or wooden LED lamp will likely be right at home with the rest of their decor. Of course, an Aquarius isn’t one to just sit around the house. A book on the world’s most fascinating places can inspire their next adventure, while a holographic purse ups the pizzazz factor of their going-out looks. And if you haven’t noticed, Aquariuses aren’t always the best at getting their feelings out, so this beautifully designed notebook might be just what they need.

Something they’ll love for their next party

Remember how we said an Aquarius loves to host a casual party? While they probably already have some entertaining essentials, they can never have too many charcuterie boards or cocktail recipe books (or carafes and unique glassware to go along with said cocktails). A sassy doormat to welcome their guests and a wildly-imaginative drawing game to keep everyone entertained are other ways to encourage them to keep on throwing memorable get-togethers.

Something that honors their altruistic side

The humanitarians of the zodiac, Aquariuses do their best to help others and make positive changes in the world. Luckily, there are tons of gifts out there from brands that give back to good causes and/or practice ethical production processes. A few to consider:

Something out of the blue

Each sign has its own “power color,” and unsurprisingly, blue is it for Aquarius. Cobalt blue eyeliner from Urban Decay, Essie nail polish, a blue agate candle holder, a customizable passport holder or even indigo-blue tea are blue-tiful gifts to give. Yes, blue tea is a real thing.

Something that celebrates being an Aquarius

While it’s easy to spot an Aquarius due to their individuality and creativity, displaying a little extra Aquarian pride never hurts! A wine/coffee tumbler, cute pair of socks, neon wall sign, sandalwood and jasmine soy candle or a gorgeous book all about being an Aquarius is sure to make them smile.

Ready to surprise your Aquarius friend with a thoughtful and amazing gift? Excellent! But regardless of the gift you choose, don’t forget to actually tell them how much you value them. Send them a card for their special day!

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