Bachelorette party dos and don’ts

A day at the spa. Glamping and hiking. Fancy dinners out. Bar hopping. There's a world of possibilities for having an amazing bachelorette for the bride in your life. Our main tip? Plan activities that are authentic to the bride and truly celebrate her! We've also got these dos and don'ts to help ensure the bride has the best time.


  1. Do consult the bride on what kind of party she wants. This is the most important step to ensure the bride-to-be is happy, comfortable and having the time of her life! If she’s not the partying type, skip the club and opt for a relaxing girls’ spa day.
  2. Do communicate what’s expected of the attendees early on. Get the guests’ input, then keep in touch with them about dates, attire and the like. The cost of the bachelorette is traditionally split among attendees, so take a poll for what budget everyone is comfortable with and keep everyone posted on the estimated cost ahead of time, too.
  3. Do ask the bride’s fiancé or fiancée if they'd like to send a note or bottle of champagne to the event. It's all about celebrating the bride, so a token from their fiancé or fiancée is always a nice touch.
  4. Do plan for transportation for the group. It's always easier to coordinate logistics if everyone is carpooling. Having designated drivers throughout the day and night is helpful. If you're going out and drinking, order cars is your best and safest bet. Renting a limo or minibus or taking taxis everywhere means the party moves but doesn’t stop. Rolling together makes it more fun!
  5. Do take lots of photos. She’ll love looking back at this special day with her best gal pals (even if some of the photos are blackmail-worthy!).


  1. Don’t plan the party the night before the wedding. In fact, avoid the week of the wedding altogether if possible. The guest of honor should be able to let loose and have fun without worrying about the wedding.
  2. Don’t mandate that everyone spend a lot of money for the event. Bachelorette parties can get expensive, especially if you're planning a weekend celebration or if traveling is involved. Be mindful of everyone's budgets and if you want to do something extravagant and beyond the budget, consider chipping in more or asking the bridesmaids to add a little more.
  3. Don’t plan to “just party.” Organize activities and games to help guests bond and give the event structure. Games may seem silly at first, but they’re great icebreakers for girls who don’t know each other.
  4. Don’t invite her mother or mother-in-law. Bridal shower? Yes. But for the bachelorette, keep it to the brides' bridesmaids and closest friends.
  5. Don’t make the bride wear something she’s uncomfortable in. There's no shortage of bachelorette outfits, from veils, sashes, special T-shirts or dresses and more...but make sure your bride is okay with it!

Start inviting your bachelorette and her girls out for one last night of fun as a single woman—browse our bachelorette party invitation gallery!

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