Artist Spotlight: Meet Paige Spearin

From dreamy trellises to vibrant party animals, artist Paige Spearin's work is truly made to share with others! Read more about what inspires her and how she brings her enchanting designs to life.

What inspires your work? 

My work is inspired by so many things. I’m inspired by interior design and love wallpapers, textiles and lots of patterns. A quick visit to a museum always makes me want to create something. The MET and Barnes Foundation are two of my favorite museums. I can find inspiration at a farmers’ market, garden, in a book, on Pinterest or in a magazine. I get a lot of inspiration from traveling as well. I recently visited Lisbon where I was enchanted by the tiles, trellises and striking colors. 


When you have a creative block, what pulls you out of it?

When I have a creative block, I sit down, listen to an audiobook, and just start drawing. I make myself put pencil to paper—even if I have to scrap a first draft, it always leads to something. If I’m still struggling with a creative block, I will step away from my work, and when I come back, I can see things with fresh eyes.  


What advice would you give to an aspiring creator?

Bring a sketchbook everywhere you go. Collect pictures of images that inspire you. Try not to be discouraged if you are having an off day and things aren’t coming out as you pictured. Draw and paint as often as possible—you will continue to improve and find your style.  


What excites you the most about your collaboration with Evite?

I love being able to share my work with so many people. I hope the invitations will set the tone for lots of fun parties!


Which of the many mediums that you work in is your favorite? 

I enjoy painting with India ink, Dr. Ph. Martin’s Watercolors and gouache. Dr. Ph. Martin’s Watercolors have the most vibrant color, and gouache has a velvet, melted ice cream quality that I love. I splurge on Arches cold press cotton watercolor paper; it has the best texture and takes paint perfectly. 

Paige Smith Spearin is an artist that specializes in creating fine art, illustrations, textile designs and custom invitations. She works in many mediums from watercolor and gouache to acrylic and oil. 


For more of her work, check out @paigespearinstudio on Instagram (or these Evites, of course)! 

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