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Artist Spotlight: Meet Jes MaHarry

Jes MaHarry and her art.

Whether you’re already an admirer of beloved jewelry designer Jes MaHarry’s whimsical and free-spirited jewelry creations or are just discovering her now, prepare to be utterly delighted by her imaginative invitations and cards, now available on Evite! But first, learn more about Jes, her inspirations and how she makes her children’s tea parties extra enchanting.

What inspired you to become an artist?

I was brought up in a highly creative environment with artists, musicians and writers. I learned early on that when I followed my heart, things always worked out, which led me to various forms of creative expression. My inspiration has come from living an authentic full life.  

Which three words describe your design aesthetic?

Imaginative, organic and heartfelt. 

What's your favorite place/location to go to for inspiration?

My own quietness. I am often a very busy person and have to make time to tap into my stillness. When that happens, my being hums to the vibrancy of the earth. I have learned by way of breathwork, meditation and yoga to calm my nervous system down and to allow my thoughts to take a rest and allow me to shine in my own existence. The natural world and being around animals also inspire me to live in the moment.

Nature and animals are featured prominently in your Evites, and we know you're passionate about rescuing animals. In what ways have they influenced your work/way of living?

I have always loved animals, and helping those in need has always been a very important part of my life and my children's and husband’s as well. It has only been natural to draw inspiration from empathy, compassion and, most of all, unconditional love. I find beauty in all animals, even the most difficult ones. I find love always triumphantly wins and heals.

What advice would you give to an aspiring creator?

Do what makes you feel good. Aspire to heighten your essence, to lift your ideas and thoughts above the clouds, and to open all realms of possibilities, including an open heart. I truly love being in the flow—I find it is what feels most natural to me. When we can feel deeply, we can heal deeply, which is beautiful because then, we can also love deeply. Love is what it is all about.

Your work includes a plethora of inspirational words and sayings. Do you have a particular mantra that you love?

Love is the answer. 

What's the best party you've ever thrown or attended?

My children’s birthday parties. We go all out. We create a magical day filled with chocolate fountains, water slides, painting booths, cotton candy, music, animal rides, tea parties with bonnets and long lace gloves, and so much more. I love children, and celebrating anything with them is always so much fun. We are known to have some outrageous parties for kids. 

What excites you the most about your collaboration with Evite?

I am excited to share my drawings with the world through Evite. It is my hope to inspire people to live a life of love, and my intention is to make people feel good. I also hope to spread compassion toward all living beings. If I can be a part of inspiring people to live to their fullest potential, I will be thrilled. I am honored Evite has asked me to design for them and be a part of the positive energy they radiate into the world.

Jes MaHarry has a spirited passion for life that pours through everything she does. Her strong desire to live each moment as fully and freely as possible is fueled by her empathic relationship with animals, deep love of nature and compassion for all living things. Her soulful lifestyle informs her art and original mixed-media jewelry that has come to be renowned worldwide.

An Illustrations Major and Fine Arts Minor in college, Jes enthusiastically expanded her artistic scope but had to keep the fire of her jewelry passion alive in moments between school and odd jobs. Tirelessly dedicated to her dream of jewelry design, she slowly saved the money it took to buy rare beads and special equipment one piece at a time.

Featured since 2000 in Robert Redford’s esteemed Sundance Catalog, the Jes MaHarry brand is unparalleled in its distinctive style, quality workmanship and attention to detail. The freedom with which she creates is reflected in every piece made at her bustling California Ranch where she lives with her husband Patrick and two vibrant daughters. Employing local artisans, Jes has created a family-enriched environment steeped in her vision of compassion and love.

Want to discover and learn more about Jes and her work? Check out her beautiful jewelry on her website and Instagram, her coloring book on Amazon, and all of her beautiful Evites here!

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