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Artist Spotlight: Meet Evite’s in-house designers, Susan, Katie & Elizabeth

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It’s no secret that Evite partners with tons of iconic artists and brands—including Disney, Larsen McDowell and Amber Vittoria—but we’re also proud to say we have truly incredible in-house artists creating some of our most-loved invitations. Meet Susan J. Park, Katie Kwak and Elizabeth, our fantastically talented trio of invitation designers, and learn more about their work, how they got started in design and what inspires them!

What inspired you to go into art/design? 

Susan: I've always had a strong inclination toward drawing ever since I was a kid, and I was mostly influenced by film, music and animation. I spent so much of my free time drawing growing up that it was hard for me to envision a future that didn't involve art in some way.

Katie: I’ve always been interested in arts and crafts and have been drawing ever since I could remember! Growing up, my parents were always supportive of my interest in art and took me to different after-school art classes which definitely helped with my technical skills and just fueled my passion for it even more.

Elizabeth: I honestly don’t remember a time in my life when I did not think I would become an artist/designer. One thing I love about art/design is that it’s a form of expression. Growing up, I was a closed book and it was hard for me to convey my true thoughts and feelings to others. I believe graphic design is my form of communication. I love that I get to tell stories and connect with others through my designs. 

Some of Susan’s Evites

On left, a girl sits at a desk and does work on her iPad. On right, various invitations.

Ingredients for a Happy Easter, Rainbow Swirl Jump, Crazy for Karaoke

Which 3 words describe your personal style? 

Susan: Playful, vibrant, bold

Katie: Nostalgic, playful, simple

Elizabeth: Minimalistic, dainty, modern

Which artists inspire you and why? 

Susan: The ultra-fabulous amazing design team, of course. There's a ton of collaboration through feedback and ideas within the team which is so valuable to have. In terms of specific artists, Yoshitomo Nara inspired me ever since I was in high school. Many of his works evoke a sense of rebellion and mischief which I related to a lot as a teenager. These days I'm inspired by unique artists that I come across online and it'd be impossible to list them all. But I especially love to look for art involving different disciplines and mediums. I follow a variety of printmakers, ceramic artists, embroidery artists, surface designers and so on that inform my own work. I think it's refreshing to look at art that isn't immediately related to digital design. 

Katie: I know this is as cliche as it gets, but Monet has always been a reference for me for the colors he uses as well as the softness he is able to execute with his brushstrokes. I also really admire Dick Bruna’s simple illustrations and his skill in removing all unnecessary details from his storytelling. As for more contemporary artists, Kim Sujin is an illustrator whose work always inspires me in the way she humorously pairs small words and phrases with her rough line drawings.

Elizabeth: Jessica Walsh. I’m really drawn to her because her style is very different from mine. Her style is very bold and it pushes/inspires me to challenge myself to get out of my comfort zone. Also, Henn Kim. I love that she creates art that expresses feelings that a lot of her audience can relate to. She inspires me to be more raw and honest in my designs.

Some of Katie’s Evites

On left, a variety of invitations. On right, a girl sits at a table doing work on her laptop.

Calling All Party Animals, Chromatic XOXO, Waving Santa

As an artist, what's your favorite thing about working at Evite? 

Susan: I love that I'm encouraged to explore and experiment with different techniques. People host all kinds of events that call for a variety of stylistic approaches—some are casual, while others can be more formal, so it's rewarding to create a design that really fits the theme of a specific party. Recently, the team designed invitations with a more Gen Z appeal which were super fun to do.

Katie: I feel really lucky to have this job here as an illustrator because illustrator jobs like this are a little niche and uncommon. My favorite thing about working here is just the opportunity to experiment and explore different styles, subject matter, color palettes, mediums, etc! I’ve definitely learned so much from just being here and having the chance to work on so many different projects, even if they aren’t a part of invitation design.

Elizabeth: The creative freedom that we have in creating our invitation designs.

What advice do you have for other artists working commercially? 

Susan: Prioritize a healthy work-life balance. The time you spend gathering inspiration and replenishing your energy is as important as the time you spend outputting your art. If you're ever in a creative slump, I recommend connecting with artists in your local communities. Meeting other artists, especially in person, can be energizing and motivating. 

Katie:I would just say to take every chance to try new things and learn different skills because even if it’s something you wouldn’t personally make for your own portfolio, everything is a learning experience! Just from trying to figure out how to execute particular designs, I’ve learned skills that I know I will use and benefit from in the future with different projects in my career.

Elizabeth: Continue to learn. Art is ever-changing and there are always new trends and tricks out there. Don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone! Keep an open mind, experiment and continue to be curious!

Some of Elizabeth’s Evites

On left, a girl works at her laptop. On right, an assortment of invitations.

Simple & Sophisticated, Pastel Dream, Girl Squad Stickers

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