8 tips on throwing yourself a 35th birthday party from Jessie De Lowe

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Birthdays. We all have one, and we all deserve to celebrate it with a memorable party! Jessie De Lowe, Co-Founder of the lifestyle and wellness platform How You Glow, threw herself a beautiful and intimate party to celebrate her 35th birthday. Here are her top 35th birthday party ideas, tips and go-to essentials (including tons of eco-friendly ideas) for making your special day even more special.

1. Set the mood! My wish for this party was that my friends would dance with me! With that in mind, my husband and I started creating this playlist about a week ahead of time that included all the songs that would make people want to get up and move! 


2. Candles!! Candles create an instant atmosphere. They make your home smell amazing and add a beautiful, festive glow. I save my favorite candles to light for a party so it feels extra special. Don’t forget to light one in your powder room. Some of my favorite tried-and-true candles are from Jenni Kayne (especially Topanga), but I also love this one as well. 


3. Flowers. Nothing says a party like fresh flowers. Get more bang for your buck by splitting up a bouquet into several vases and dispersing them throughout your home. I sometimes forage leaves and other greenery from my garden to bring the outside in. I also use flowers to add a natural, colorful element to cakes, cheese plates and grazing boards. 


4. Tablecloths. Adding beautiful tablecloths to your tables is an easy way to make it feel like a special occasion. Choose a tablecloth that reflects the theme of the party you are going for. I used one from Chan Luu for my party, but this design is a good alternative. 


5. Glassware. We are a no-plastic household, so we make sure to stock up on plenty of inexpensive glassware so that we can keep the drinks flowing for our guests. These tasting glasses are a great (and versatile) option.


6.  Bamboo plates and cutlery. We love to use natural materials in our home, so when we have a lot of guests, we prefer to use bamboo plates. I can guarantee your guests will really appreciate having a good quality bamboo plate rather than a flimsy paper or plastic one. We ordered these from Amazon.

7. Cake! A birthday party is not complete without cake, and not all cakes are created equal. Step up your cake game with Sweet Laurel Bakery, which makes the most delicious gluten-free, vegan and refined sugar-free cakes. They deliver from their bakery in LA—my favorite cake is their chocolate caramel layer cake.

8. Keep the drinks flowing! And choose brands that will leave your guests feeling as good as possible the next day. I love Avaline wine because it’s delicious and organic, and Madre Mezcal is the cream of the crop! 


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