6 DIY Halloween costume ideas for kids from P.S.—I Made This

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Erica Domesek of P.S.—I Made This is a whiz at all things DIY, so naturally, we turned to her for some faBOOlously creative Halloween costume ideas. Here are her six faves and how she’d make them herself!

Rainbow + clouds

Little girl dressed up as a rainbow and clouds.
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Cut a piece of cardboard in an arch shape.​ Use a hot glue gun to adhere pool noodles to the back in a rainbow pattern.​ Add balloons or Polyfill at the bottom with hot glue.​ Finally, add ribbons for straps by poking holes through the cardboard and knotting in the back.​


Little kid dressed up a Minion.
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Layer a hoodie with overalls, and top with a pair of goggles over the hood! 

Scuba diver

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Take two soda bottles, spray paint them silver, add colorful tape around the outside, and tape them together. ​Then, tape a clear tube from the hardware store to the opening of the bottles and use a hot glue gun to add a larger cap to the end. Wear this over an all-black outfit and accessorize with a snorkel set.

LEGO® blocks

Image credit: www.thefrugalnavywife.com

Cut armholes and a head opening in the larger box and a head opening in the smaller one.​ Spray paint the boxes the same color as the cups you choose. ​Finish by using e6000 glue with a glue gun to secure the cups onto the boxes.


Image credit: www.hellowonderful.com

Cut armholes and a head opening out of a large rectangular box. ​Cut a smaller box in half and create a hole opening in the bottom. Paint both boxes the same color. Add eyes, cut big chomper teeth to the front and sides and glue.​ Next, add dino spikes—just cut and paint some cardboard and adhere with glue fun.​ Add monster hands and slippers to make an impact!


Image credit: www.hgtv.com

Cut wavy stripes out of black felt and attach with fabric glue.​ Make a template that says “Crayon” on a piece of paper, and draw using a piece of chalk onto some black felt and cut out. ​For the hat: Use matching cardstock, scissors, ribbon and staple to assemble. 

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