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2022 wedding trend predictions

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Toward the end of 2021, we here at Evite sat around and wondered what parties in 2022 will be like and what trends we have to look forward to. Then we realized it was silly to guess what party trends will be big this year when we could just ask the pros what they’re anticipating! 

Here are the trends Jove Meyer, Owner and Creative Director at Jove Meyer Events, and Annie Lee, Principal Planner at Daughter of Design, are predicting for weddings in 2022.

Photo of Jove Meyer
Jove Meyer, photographed by Sasithon Photography
Annie Lee, photographed by Belathee

What are some big wedding trends you’re seeing for 2022? 

Jove: Color is coming in hot! Color channels joy, and we all need joy more now than ever before! Couples are no longer afraid of pushing the boundaries of color in their wedding! Color in stationery, rentals, flowers, food, cocktails—everywhere you turn color is exploding in weddings! 


Less traditional, more out-of-the-box weddings! Couples are leaving behind super formal black-tie celebrations and exploring cocktail-style parties, food truck parties, dance parties, everything outside of the typical wedding box! 

Annie: We're definitely still seeing a lot of under 50 guest list weddings. I think 2020 has left this category of wedding permanently on the table.

There are a lot of domestic destination weddings with some continued concerns about travel bans if planning abroad. 


Are there any specific types of decor or themes that are surfacing more?

Annie: Overall, we're seeing more minimalist and clean-lined designs for all things visual, like decor and wedding dresses.


Nordic style is the new shabby chic. It's a fusion of minimalist, rustic, modern and mid-century.

Jove: Couples are leaning away from the classic and into FUN, and what makes you think of fun more than color! Beyond just infusing color into the wedding, some couples are leaning into color blocking their wedding—one color, various tones. Some other couples are color blocking their table designs and/or other moments of the wedding!


Are there any venue trends you’re seeing for 2022? 

Jove: I think couples are looking to make up for lost time, so they are extending their weddings from one-day events to full weekend gatherings where they can spend as much time as possible with the ones they love!

Annie: Outdoor options for a venue are still very popular with concerns about Covid.


Are there any unique experiences people are now incorporating? 

Annie: I did do a Squid Game after-party where we surprised guests with the Dalgona cookie challenge, and the father of the bride shot disqualified guests with a Nerf gun! 

Jove: Couples are getting more personal with their big days, infusing their style, love story and personality at every turn. From welcome bites that include a couple's favorite snacks to creative ways to serve the welcome drinks, couples are thinking beyond what has been done in the past to what can be done! Next-level drinks are so fun—think cool glasses, special ice cubes and some moment of wow from smoke to delicious garnishes—and the best part is that these drinks can be mocktails or cocktails so everyone can enjoy them! 


Any tips for a couple planning a wedding?

Jove: You do you, boos! Make a list of you and your partner's priorities, and be sure to hold true to them despite all of the other voices and opinions, solicited or not, that will enter your planning process. Stay true to what you want and what's important for you. 


Don't forget your why! Love is the reason you are celebrating, and it can be easy to lose sight of that when knee-deep in guest lists and floor plans, but do not forget why you are doing what you're doing. It's for LOVE! Always start with and come back to love.

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