2022 baby shower trends to know

Oh, baby! If you’ve ever had the honor of planning a baby shower, you know there are so many things to consider. To theme or not to theme? To shower or sprinkle? How to throw a gender reveal without making the news? We asked party vendor Amanda Torres and party planner Frannie Hudson for their insider info on what’s trending now in the world of baby showers! Here’s what they’re seeing for 2022.

What are the big baby shower trends you predict for 2022? 

Amanda: There are so many new fun trends we have been seeing lately! Boho was huge in 2021 and I think it will still be a very popular trend this year!

Frannie: I’m expecting the size and scale of events to be bigger than ever! People are so excited to finally celebrate milestones with their friends and family so the guest lists are growing. 


To theme or not to theme?

Amanda: I personally love a “no theme” event. There are so many beautiful ways to plan an event around a specific color scheme. Also, adding in florals, greenery, pampas or other accents can make any color scheme stand out! 

Frannie: To theme!! A theme helps focus the decor, entertainment and even the menu. 

For those that love a theme, what are some great upcoming ones? 

Amanda: Those who prefer to work with a specific theme when planning an event, there are a few themes I’ve been loving! Boho rainbow, teddy bear, and whimsical fairytale are a few of my favorites! 

Frannie: I love the idea of a "Baby Brewing Tea Party" and a "Dream On" theme that leans into clouds, showers, dreams, future and hope—all things we wish for new parents and new babies.

How do you feel about specific colors vs. gender-neutral? 

Amanda: I truly love working with both colors and neutrals! When a client has a specific color scheme for their girl baby shower, such as vibrant pinks, fuchsia and rose golds, I get so excited to work with all of those colors. I also love working with a neutral color palette such as nude, ivory, browns and grays. Both are beautiful in their own way! 

Frannie: You cannot go wrong with either, but I think you'll see pops of colors beyond pink and blue as parties pick back up. Think a splash of something bright, fun and optimistic!


Any standout trends you’re seeing for sprinkles? Sip & sees? Gender reveals?

Amanda: I've seen more clients move away from the traditional pink and blue gender reveal to more neutrals. The great thing about neutrals is that they work for either a boy or a girl, and they don’t hint to one gender more than the other. Also, if you love the neutral look, using a jumbo nude balloon to pop for the reveal is a great alternative to the traditional black gender reveal balloon!  

Frannie: They're all about celebrating a new baby and celebrating friendship! People have been restricted so much in the past few years that a sprinkle is just another reason to get together. Plus, a lot of people having sprinkles may be on baby #2 and missed the chance for a proper shower over the last few years! A sprinkle gift we're hearing about is memorable nursery art or (of course) a leopard baby carrier!

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