10 funny little things to be grateful for

What are you grateful for? Family? Friends? Your health? These are fantastic responses to this question, but don’t forget to also be thankful for something small that makes you happy or that encourages you to reflect upon times when things were a bit different. Here are some of the silly little things we’re grateful for right now.

Comfortable clothing is here to stay

The days of wearing non-stretch clothing for hours on end are likely over. Casual-but-smart styles have taken over our closets, and we’re already thanking our elastic waistbands for being there for us during Thanksgiving dinner.

Food delivery services exist

Remember when pizza was pretty much it when it came to delivery? Now you can get practically anything delivered! Which is incredible and life-changing if you’re unable to go out and just plain nice when you simply don’t feel like driving anywhere.

It’s fuzzy sock season again

The label says they’re made of polyester, but feeling says they’re constructed from magic and clouds.

We’re slightly better at muting/unmuting


IRL meetups are a thing again

This really shouldn’t be on the list because it’s hardly a little thing, but we have to mention it because there are some parts of a conversation that get missed in the virtual world. And we’re not just talking about when the Wi-Fi lets you down.

TV shows are bringing people together—near and far

Binge-worthy shows and mini-series have become the new events. People can get together for viewing parties, or at the very least, share memes of the show with each other over the coming weeks.

Netflix finally understands that, yes, we are still watching

Thanks for the “Play without asking again” option, Netflix.

All of the fall/winter snacks from Trader Joe’s

So good, they’re even worth braving that parking lot to get them. (They make great gifts too.)

We don’t have to ration toilet paper

This will somehow make this list for the next few years despite no one wanting to remember that moment in history. But it’s good to appreciate how far we’ve come.

And finally: dogs in sweaters

After all of the 2021-specific things, you weren’t expecting this to be what wraps up this list, were you? But no one ever expects a dog in a Fair Isle knit. Which is why it’s such a delight to see one, point towards it, say “eeeeeeeeee!” and turn to your friend and make sure they’ve seen it too. This moment brings joy to all.

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